Ok I get it...room requests aren't guaranteed

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by penjen, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. penjen

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    Mar 10, 2004
    BUT could you at least include it in our reservation?...

    When I made our reservation over 5 months ago I had her type in the room request. She read it back, ok great. I get my final documents and nothing is noted. I call this morning and have the CM add the request again. She tells me requests aren't guaranteed. OK, I know this but honestly I'm not asking a lot. An upper floor in a certain building shouldn't be that hard to request and have it stick to the reservation.

    I called back after this not so nice comment to see if the request was documented. And guess what, it wasn't. Now this time I actually heard the CM typing in the request. Hopefully this time it will be there.

    Anyone else have this problem. Now I feel the need to call again but I think I will a week before vacation.
  2. G&J's Mom

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    Jul 25, 2003

    My last trip to POP we requested 50's. I don't believe it was stated on my confirmation. I just figured that I would deal with it when we got there, knowing that having it on there was no guarantee anyhow. When we got to the front desk, he said I see you have requested 50's. He then proceeded to put us in the 90's building! :rolleyes: Oh well.. I didn't make any requests this time at CBR, cause what's the point, I will just see how it flies when we get there.

    Hope you get your request honored. Have a great vacation!


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    Aug 23, 2007
    I know what you mean. I had several "conversations" with the IPO people after E-mailing them requests, etc. They ended up charging my CC on file for several your that we wanted, AND recharged me for a town car that I had already paid for! I had also asked them to reserve a room with a view of the point at the Poly. (we had paid for lagoon CL) I received E-mail back stating it had been done.

    After the mess of getting the duplicate charges reversed (minus a 10percent Cancel fee!) I called, and sure enough, no mention of room request. The CM in CL relatin took care of it. But I have a feeling that wen we arrive, there will be no mention of it on our reservation.

    Pirate Trrrranslation:

    Arrrhhh arrrgghh. The scurrvy landlubber innkeepers be hard 'ta parley there goods. Ol' Grumpy thinks a better deal be had at the point 'O me cutless or they being on a short plank o're the briney, let Davy jones make his deal with the scalywaags. Gar, the lot O' them be act'in like we be aboard from a press gang, when truth be A'knowin we paid gold fer the cabin and tucker and grog, and a dear price we be a'paying. Arrhhh arrh.
  4. Princess Amy

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    Apr 12, 2006
    Out of every visit I have stayed on Disney property, every request has been made. Call me lucky...but I wouldn't wait till you arrive to check on the request then. Call back at least 5 days before your vacation and mention it again. Your reservation should be in the system then at the resort and the request would stay with your ressie. If you at least make some generic request, it's easier to accomodate. Like for this upcoming visit, we only asked for at AKL: facing Arusha savanna, and a room near the lobby. At CSR we only requested Casita 3 or Cabana 9B. Of all the rooms at these resorts, something like these requests are easier to get.

    Hope you get what you want! Keep working on it! :thumbsup2
  5. amygirl27

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    Nov 12, 2006
    I've gotten lucky too. We always check in early. Typically we get to Orlando the night before our reservation so that we can make the most of our first full day. Last April we stayed at CBR and we request an upper floor room in Jamaica close to the bridge. We got exactly what we wanted. In Feb. this year we were at Pop and requested a corner room upstairs in the 60's overlooking the lake and again we got just that.

    In both instances I did not mention anything about at booking. I called about a week before directly to the hotel and then I asked again at check in.

    Hoepfully the third times a charm :-) We'll be back in 3 weeks at Pop!

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