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May 19, 2000
Next Tues. (Jan 22) my foster son will be having surgery on his legs. He will be in casts and I'd like to find a Disney beanie that has a cast (two casts would be better, but that's pushing it)

Anyone have any ideas as to where I might go to find something like this? If I can't locate a Disney one with a cast, do any of you know where I might find another stuffed animal that would have a cast on it's leg?

Thanks for any help.
Hi Gerry!

I seem to recall seeing a stuffed Pooh or a Tigger with a cast on. You might want to check the disney catalog online. The URL escapes me at the moment, however.
If all else fails couldn't you 'Ccreate" one somehow out of his favorit character. Maybe use papier mache or something like that to make the casts out of and the use some type of craft sticks to make crutches.
Call DIsney Merchandise, describe what you want and see if they have anything like that

I checked out Disney online, no luck :(

Glo, where would I find the link or phone # for Disney Merchandise?


Here's the phone number for Disneyland DelivEARS: 1-800-362-4533. I'm sure they'll be able to direct you to the right place if there is such a plush.
Thank you Steve. I checked into it and there isn't one with a cast. (Though the CM thaout it was a good idea :) )

They have a Get Well Pooh Gram, but I think I'll try and find some sort of stuffed animal with a cast. Oh, and Dayna's looking at WDW fer me.
I know if there is one to be found there, she'll find it :)

Geri I just saw this again...I do not know the number, but if you post it on the CB I know someone there would know. I did it once for something and got the number that way...I am sorry it took me so long...Good luck!!!


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