Oct14th Wonder Day4

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    May 23, 2001
    Cast of Characters:
    Me- Disney Mom - 41yo
    DH- 42yo
    DD16A (Disney daughter 16 Amanda)
    DD16 J (Disney daughter's friend, living with us, 16 Juliana)

    Our last day ! Our “day at sea” turned out quite interesting. I did the usual, getting breakfast. I need my tea in the morn, which brings me to a tip for tea drinkers. Bring your own tea if you like a special brand (like Lipton). Also the water makes the tea taste funny. I was chatting to a woman on line at breakfast, she turned out to be a tea drinker too, we both agreed, we hadn’t had a decent cup since we were on the cruise. I think she was right, it was the water.
    The kids all slept late while DH & I went down to deck 7 to do laundry. Thanks for all the tips about having quarters and soap. The quarter machine was out, but DH had about $50 in them and he became best friends to a few people that morning!
    At 11:30 we had the Disembarkation meeting to go to. It was informative, but don’t freak if you miss it, they tape it & play it on TV all that day.
    When we went back to our stateroom the girls had gone to lunch & then to take DD9 to Oceaneers.
    DH & I went to Tritons to have a quiet lunch, just the two of us. Lo & behold we were seated with a family of four with two kids!! But wait! It turned out to be a great lunch! The family was from Georgia. We all started talking about this web site, and how they got Palos ressies for that night I explained how we couldn’t. That family’s DW (Terri) & my DH started comparing the Wonder cards that the kids were supposedly collecting but these two were into it more! All in all, it was a very nice lunch and we exchanged e-mail addresses.
    We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and packing. We went up to shutters to check out some pictures and of course, spent more money! Our family picture didn’t come out that great so, before dinner that night, we were going to try it again (you can imagine the kid’s response).As we were in line for the portraits, the woman from lunch, Terri, came up to us and offered us their Palos ressies!!!!!! Turns out their kids hadn’t had much time in the pool and they were having a good time & didn’t want to stop for dinner.
    So we went to Parrot Cay with the girls. DD14 was going to dinner with friends from common grounds. So DD16a, DD16J, &DD9 had Prakash and Ante to take care of their dinning needs.
    DH & I stayed for about 20min. before going to Palos. The menu was different. It was called the master chef menu. The dishes were taken from different restaurants within Disney, like Wolfgang Pucks,& Artists Point. I tried the Butternut squash soup, it was very good. I thing the girls all got chicken.
    DH and I went up to Palos and explained that this couple had given their reservation to us. Apparently, others have done this very thing ‘cause they were fine with that. Also Terri went there at 6:30 and told them we were taking her reserv. BTW, Palos charges your card after the dinner not when you make the reservation. We paid Terri because we thought she had already been charged the $10. She in turn paid it to Palos when she went there. I hope this isn’t too confusing.
    Anyway, Palos was great! We both had filet mignon. DH had the portabella mushrooms (I should have gotten that). We both had the Chocolate Soufflé & toasted it to Terri. Thanks Terri!!!!!
    After dinner we met up with DD( & went to the show. Now I really liked Hercules, & the ghost ship show was good…….but Disney Dreams was Fantastic!!!!! It is by far the best show. It is magical, and so very special. We enjoyed it immensely.
    After the show we did some last shopping & dropped DD9 at the lab. It was sad to think about leaving the next day, we still had to get our luggage outside our stateroom by 11pm, and so that’s where we headed.

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