Oct.14th Wonder- Day2

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    May 23, 2001
    Cast of Characters:
    Me- Disney Mom - 41yo
    DH- 42yo
    DD16A (Disney daughter 16 Amanda)
    DD16 J (Disney daughter's friend, living with us, 16 Juliana)
    Mon. Oct.15th
    We woke up to the ship docking in Nassau. I woke DH, got ready & went up to Beach Blanket to gather some breakfast to bring back to the rooms.
    DH and I were going into Nassau to walk around & shop. DH walks with a cane (he had a double knee replacement yesterday 10/24), I didn’t book any excursions because I didn’t know how much he could walk.
    DD14 came with us, everyone else stayed on the ship. We weren’t very impressed with Nassau. As expected, we were continually approached to have our hair braided, or by tour guides wanting to drive us around. The biggest disappointment was the straw market. The vendors are way too assertive, constantly calling to us to buy, buy, and buy. I just kept saying “No thank you” as we walked through. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.
    One excursion for Nassau I did book was for our teen DD’s to go on the Junkanoo Jam at 8pm. They all had a good time. The only thing they didn’t like was, they had to walk to another dock to get to the Junkanoo Jam Boat. There were men hanging around the docks cat calling to the kids as they went by. BTW, they whole group goes together with the counselors from common grounds.
    After our trip into Nassau we spent the afternoon swimming and relaxing. A note on the pools, I thought they were fine, my girls were not impressed with their size or depth (small & shallow). DD9 loved the Mickey slide!
    That evening we had dinner at Tritons. I had the sea bass, which was very good.
    Still not our kind of food in general, but we liked it better than Parrot Cay.
    After dinner DD9 went to Oceaneer lab & loved it. The older girls were on the Junkanoo Jam, and DH & I enjoyed the party on Deck 9, before we sailed out of Nassau.
    Sorry to sat we missed the show that night. DD9 wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay at first but later she beeped us and asked to stay at Oceaneers till 12:00! The teens came back onboard, and we set sail at 11pm. Tomorrow, Castaway Cay!

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