Occupancy question (please don't panic)


Mar 5, 2001
I was just looking at the BCV pictures and description and noticed that the 2 bedroom limit is 8 adults plus a child under 3. Yet the 1 bedroom limit is 4 adults plus a child under 3 and the studio limit is 4 adults plus a child under 3. Now I admit to having been an English major, but shouldn't the limit for a 2-bedroom (which is a 1-bed and studio put together) be 8 adults plus 2 children under 3?
We stayed in a 2-bedroom at VWL in December (with only 3 adults and 1 2 year-old) and I seem to remember 2 pack-n-plays but I might be remembering incorrectly.

Thanks in Advance!
I believe you only get 1 pack n play per room. But if you get a 1-bedroom with a studio lock-off to make your 2-bedroom then you will probably get a pack n play in each room. You can then sneek the extra child into the room and hide him on the balconey during any trash and towel days.

LOL zillow (aka Carol - great name, BTW)!

All of the BWV two bedroom units are lock offs and we have stayed in a 2 bedroom unit there twice now. Both had two Pac N Play cribs - one in the second bedroom's closet and one in the closet of the master bedroom. I suspect that the dedicated two bedroom units at OKW and VWL have only one crib. I think most of the two bedrooms at VWL are lockoffs though, and probably have two cribs also. BCV will probably be the same set up as VWL as far as cribs go. I don't know if there will be dedicated two bedroom units or not.

DVC's stated/official occupancy is 8 plus 1, but I doubt anyone with 8 plus 2 will get kicked out. This is JMHO, but no way would I stay in a two bedroom unit at at any of the DVC resorts with 8 people. Just too crowded for me. I like to keep the living room/kitchen area free for those who get up too early or stay up too late. But that's just me! YMMV.
i have to agree with you carol. i'm a early riser and need to get up and have my cup of tea.i don't know about the rest of you but when i'm at disney i'm pooped early,but rise early to get going.:smooth:
The only issue is the fact that if you got a one BR and a studio, you could put a total of 10 if two were under 3 AND in a crib. In some cases that makes the points a little more.
Thanks everyone - 10 does sound cozy - I was just stumbling over the logistics. That OKW grand villa is starting to look really tempting (even though I'm totally in love with the VWL)...

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