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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by twinnybelles, Jul 29, 2010.

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    I recently changed my ressie from WL to CR. I did not have flights booked yet and recently added them in via CRO tonight. I had noted to the castmember that I had received the original packet for WL today in the mail and asked if a new one would be coming soon. She said just use the one I've got and cross out the WL name.....:confused: I asked when/how will I get the DME voucher and tags and she said they just use the ressie number at the welcome center...But, that's not going to help get my bags there, is it? I'm thinking rahter than being patient and waiting for a new packet to arrive, I should be calling back tommorrow? What's the concensus here?? Thanks in advance.
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    Your bags will still arrive because they'll be keyed to your reservation, not the resort printed. However, you can also skip using the tags. When you go to the DME counter, give them your baggage claim checks and they'll pull the bags deliver them to CR. There are plenty of people who never get their labels for one reason or another (misdirected mail, reserved DME too close to arrival date, etc) and so DME is very well versed in matching up guests with their luggage without labels.
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    Your bags are directed by your reservation number, not by the resort name printed on the yellow DME tag. If it makes you feel better, you can cross of the resort listed on the tag, but DO NOT TOUCH the bar code. The bar code is linked with your reservation, that is how Disney sorts the bags.
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    As long as your resort reservation number is the same, your bags will arrive just fine. As already mentioned, do not touch that barcode...carefully cross off the old resort name and put in the new one. All the neccesary info is in that barcode. You don't even have to cross out the old info, but many feel more comfortable doing so.

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