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Apr 7, 2000
I'm hosting a game night with friends in January and am looking for a chili recipe with no beans. I have one we like with beans but some of the attendees do not like beans in their chili. I did a search on this thread and there's too many posts to go through since "chili" also brings in recipes with chili powder.

Sure, I can find one on line somewhere but I would like a recommendation, one that someone here has made and declares good. I could also just open a can of Wolf Brand Chili but I would rather not.

So, what is your favorite no bean chili recipe?


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Aug 22, 2003
Wick Fowler’s 3 alarm chili mix. You can also tone it down to false alarm. Beans are optional - and not usually used in Texas chili. Wick Fowler won some of the original chili cook off championships

If you can’t find the mix - although it is now available across the USA- there are copycat recipes via the internet.

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Jul 13, 2017
Have made this for camping trips and at home "Stupor Bowl Sunday" get-togethers (freezes beautifully):

There are 3 got to have ingredients to my way of thinking:

Dried chili peppers from a reputable source; I get mine from the Spice House online.
Lard or beef suet. I stay away from the Crisco version and visit my local butcher, who supplies the lard pre-made or just the raw ingredients to make myself.
Masa harina.
Sometimes I cut back on the brown sugar to half...really depends on how strong the vinegar is that I'm using.

I'll admit that when I canna find queso fresco I just use sour cream for my gringa friends;).


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