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    Oct 26, 2000
    Rachael 33 - Obsessive planner, Disney phreak, just plain obsessive about everything , trip report writer.

    Nick 32 - Calm, mild mannered Disney phreak, leaves trip planning to Rachael. Hard working, needs this vacation.

    Day 1 AK

    Yippiee!!!! This is Rachael’s favorite park, while EPCOT is Nick’s. The phone rings at 6am. I hear Nick giggle, it must be Mickey. Now 6am is early for us anyway but with the time difference it’s really 3am to us. We don’t care we are at Disney so we jump up and get ready.

    Usually Nick is a SLOWWWWWWWWW riser with a capital S, so I’m the assigned coffee getter. I walk to the food court in the main building which is not too far from our room and I get 2 refillable mug full off hot coffee mixed with hot chocolate mix and trot back to the room.

    Breaking all world land speed records known to man we are out the door by 7:30 am. Probably the last time this will happen, as I said we are not early risers. Another benefit to this great room is the bus stop is very close to our room. Off to the bus stop, just as we are getting there our bus pulls up.

    We run to get a FP for the safari ride before breakfast.

    We have PS for RFC for breakfast. We both have the breakfast wrap. Like I said before the food is ok but the atmosphere is just wonderful and we really love it. We join the new RFC club. I’m not really sure what the benefits are but you get some gift certificates for money off and you get some special reserved seating. We thought it reasonable since we go to WDW every year so we joined.

    A little background I tend to sometimes be a little spastic when I’m excited and sometimes forget to think clearly. I’m also a little accident prone much to Nick’s dismay.
    So anyway Nick needs a pen to fill out that RFC club thing so he reaches into the backpack and gives out a little yelp. He cut his finger on a tiny pair of scissors that I had in the backpack in a zip lock bag to cut my mole skin for my upcoming blisters. OOPS!!!! I had intended to out the scissors in something more substantial than a zip lock. Oh well never fear I root around into the backpack and come up with a zebra striped band aid. Now at least he matches the park we are at.

    After breakfast we stop to take some pictures on our way to the safari. I must tell you Nick is a very high tech guy. It is really a big part of him. He uses hi tech at home, work and at play. He has just gotten this new digital camera that saves pictures to a compact flash. This means he can take hundreds of pictures with never worrying of the expense of film or developing them. He downloads them to his notebook computer at night and when we get home we put them on a CD and just print the ones we like. (of course we still haven’t gotten around to printing the ones from last year) But never fear I carry a small APS camera (new technology again, of course Nick got it for me) So we do have some printed photos from each trip from my camera. So Nicks ability to take as many pictures as he wants has earned him the nickname “Snappy”.

    We ride Safari using or FP and since the line is short we ride again. (my FAVORITE all time ride) Thankfully Nick goes along with this and let’s me ride as much as I want. Last year we rode 5 times in a row. We see quite a few animals and the highlight is that the Cheetahs are out so we can seem them really well.

    Next we trot off down the Pangani Forest trail with Snappy, Snapping it up as usual.

    Then we ride the train to the conservation station and go inside, Nick points out some hidden Mickey’s in the animal’s eyes that he had read about. Cool.

    We check out the whole inside, and then head out to the petting zoo. If you haven’t already figured it out I’m an animal freak. Now at the petting zoo they have brushes so you can brush the goats. I don’t remember these last time, but with my keen observation skills I may have over looked them in all the excitement of touching the goats.
    So I brush goats and Nick takes pictures. I don’t know why this is so fun I have animal to brush at home.

    We then head to Dinosaur (Nick’s favorite at this park) No line so we ride 2x. We had read that they changed the ride a bit. I found that is was less bumpy that was good it really wae too bumpy last time. Not for us but I’m sure for some people it was. It looked to me that they somehow made the gift shop smaller? Can anyone confirm this? Nick had wanted to get a polo shirt like the one he got last year that said Dino institute but no luck.

    We head to Kali river and I start to get the ponchos from the backpack sine it wasn’t really all that hot out only 72-75. Nick says we don’t need those so I say ok I guess the people coming off don’t look to wet. Of course guess who gets hit with a huge wall of water and gets soaked to the bone? Me of course while nick is nice and dry. I have to do to the restroom and wring out my leopard print shirt and even my leopard print mouse ears need a good squeeze. I’m wearing leopard mouse ears and shirt and get compliments from cast members all day.

    We then go to the birds show which we have never done before and are very surprised that is it GREAT.

    We then head to MJT to see the tigers while I dry out from KRR.

    We then stop for souvenirs at Humbree (sp?) and have them sent back to the room. This is a reoccurring theme daily as we have packages sent to the room.

    We then stop at that little bar and get a couple of “lost on safari” drinks and kick back for awhile before heading to EPCOT for out dinner PS.

    We head to EPCOT for dinner at Morocco after we walk around FW and WS for awhile. Dinner was excellent we both had lamb. After dinner we walk around WS to Malstrom.
    We are heading toward the ride and we seen the funniest thing. A group of young guys in their early twenties and one of them who looked like he had a few many tequilas is wearing one of these HUGE sombreros and walking with his buddies with eyes the size of tortillas. We got the impression this must have been the first time he had a few drinks maybe 21st b-day party and his buddies must have said “Dude that sombrero is so you, you gotta get it” so he did and proceeded to wear it around EPCOT. I bet when he woke up the next morning next to that sombrero his buddies had some “splaining” to do. This was one of the funniest things we have ever seen and Nick and I made “Sombrero guy” looks at each other thru the entire trip.

    Of course after that we head to Mexico to ride El Rio and to play with the big sombreros.

    Then it’s off to Ellen’s energy nightmare and we hit space ship earth on the way out.

    Nick got me one of those mile counters for x-mas and it read 17.4 miles. We were both shocked that we had walked so much, but we did as you will later find out when we suffer some burn out later in the week.

    Tomorrow MK

    All-Star Movies 1/99
    Dixie Landings 2/00
    DVC Members BW 12/00
    Contemporary 01/01
    DL/DCA 6/01
    BWV,Wonder,AKL 2/02
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    17 miles!!! :eek: I always wondered how much I really walk in the parks. Sounds like you had a great day after the sissors incident ;) Thanks for posting.

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    Feb 27, 2000
    Rachael, Great report, I am enjoying reading them. I love reading about all your excitement.

    Mamu [​IMG]

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun filled day. Thanks for posting!
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    Aug 17, 1999
    Great first day, thanks for writing it. :D

    Barb-for Real!
    Been there, done that, GOING BACK!


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