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    Oct 7, 2001
    that it is really just a Holiday Inn, check -in was slow and believe me you don't get a room before 4:00pm on a sat. we pd $20/night for a lagoon room view right outside the huge twisty slide thing,went over to sea world until they called and gave us a room,4:15,all pools Very crowded on sat. and Sun so we went elsewhere, and planned on mon &tues at the hotel(refuse to call it a resort), and Monday morning we just happen to find a note saying the entire lagoon and toddler area needs "emergency" repair and will be closed until wed, well this made me furiuos, the lagoon pool is nothing fancy just a pool,we pd $20 extra for the view and $20/nt for a "resort" fee for the fabulous pools, and we leave wed, so i call and complain so she knocks off $20/view for the 2 nts the lagoon slide is closed and gives me late check-out on Wed, so my son could at least go on it, Problem is we were right outside the slide and never saw any repair at all, what we did see was them training new lifeguards everynight, so i believe they just didn't have enough guards for the thing, they had enough for the high rate, busy wkends but not for a slow week, maid service was the pits, she left a sharp broken broom handle on our floor so i put it back on her cart and later found it in a corner by the elevator, service at the buffet was bad i saw our waiter in the bathroom after he disappeared for about 1/2hour, next table over complained so bad they told them to not even pay, saw 2 characters, sort of clean room, other rooms looked more updated than ours,big bdrm tv and phone were broke just didn't use them,positives
    ds got sick at 3 am and the evening maid was very understanding and came to clean up 3 x's, shuttle busses looked nice, didn't use them, front desk very good with directions they gave us very detailed to and from's :confused3
    only worth the $129 i paid, oh forgot about the extra $20 and $20 night
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    Feb 19, 2007
    if u used it-- kids poop in it daily
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    Jun 14, 2006
    Sorry you had such a bad experience. We have been twice and not had those kind of problems. In fact, last time we did get a room on a Sat long before check in. It was about noon. I wouldn't pay for a pool view room, we like the other views. I did find that they closed the pool early a couple nights since somebody threw up in the pool. I would rather it be closed than let my kids swin unknowingly in puke. The weekends can be busy, although I didn't find it as bad as you mentioned. Were you maybe there on a vacation week for school? I will say that we barely ate there last time because they had changed the menu and the other buffet place was only open weekends. We mainly ate off site and got better food for cheaper prices. I would never pay more than $150 for this place, I just think it is ridiculous. I think the resort fee they are charging is ridiculous too. I wish more people would complain to them so that they would realize where they are making their mistakes, it could be a great place.
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    and have loved it every time! Our rooms are spotless, service is great, c/i was a little slow but it was Sunday so I was prepared. We talked to a few employees who said weekends are crazy because there are a lot of local people who go on the weekends in addition to people on vacation. So we just avoid weekends when we go and it works out fine. Even though the rates are a bit crazy, it's the only hotel of it's kind and that's what you're paying for, not a 5 star hotel. While the cleanliness/theft issue is one thing, most other issues should not be a big deal. It really is what you make of it.

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