Newbie with FOTL question, please help


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Apr 3, 2000
We will be staying at the HRH over Spring Break and we chose HRH so that we could take advantage of FOTL acess and avoid the long Easter lines . Have I misunderstood what FOTL is, are Express Pass and FOTL different names for the same thing or is there really a difference?
I apologise if this subject has been discussed before, but the search feature is down. Do you really get to the front of the line or do you just join the Express Pass line?
Don't apologize, sarha, the search feature is sorely missed!

First of all, like our dear friend Notatourist will tell you, the only FOTL is the VIP tour. The cardkey (which I call the "magic key") will get you to surpass the crowd on the queue and send you directly to the Universal Express line, which is a total pleasure.

Though it is not you being placed in the front of the existing line, per se, it is a MUCH shorter and pleasurable wait and worth every penny!



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