Newbie - HRH help needed!


Oct 10, 2001
Hi everybody! Please excuse the stupid questions but I'm a newbie to the US/IOA board, having been a Disney Nerd til now! This year, we've decided to defect and stay at HRH in Aug - I know the process for WDW inside out but floudering a bit with HRH and hope you can give me some advice!

There will be me, DH and DD (10). We'll have an AP, a Lowes First Card and hopefully a Fan Club card soon. Can someone give me a ressie # to call to check out rates?

Also any other hints and tips on HRH much appreciated!
Try 1-800-563-9711. Ask if they have Entertainment rates at any of their hotels for the dates you want to go. The Entertainment rates seem to be the lowest (when they're available). If they have the rates, then buy the book. You can get an Entertainment book at


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