New Year, New Beginnings - January 2022 W.I.S.H thread

TUESDAY TOPIC: Affirmations and Creative Visualization


My Counselor started me doing creative visualization a little over a month ago, using the Shakti Gawain book 'Creative Visualization' as a guide. I thought it might also be helpful to apply visualizations to our healthy living journeys.

Some very basic steps from the book:
1. Set your goal... something you would like to create, realize, work towards
2. Create a clear picture... a mental picture or the feeling of what you want
3. Focus on it often... in quiet meditative times but also thru out the day
4. Give it positive energy

And a few techniques you can use:
1. The pink bubble: imagine what you want to manifest, picture it as clearly as possible, then surround it with a pink bubble and release the bubble.
2. Writing down affirmations: try writing them in the first, second and third person. "I, Lizanne".... "Lizanne, you"... "Lizanne", and as if the goal is already achieved.
3. Ideal scene: write down you goal in one sentence, then describe the situation exactly as you would see and feel it when it is fully realized.

And always finish with a statement similar to: This or something better manifests for me, to the greater good of all.

Have you ever used creative visualization before? How did it work for you? Is it something you would be interested in trying now?
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I had worked with the book back in the 1990's, around when it had it's second printing, so I was familiar with it when she mentioned working with it. Back then I remember thinking it was magical, which it kind of is, but now I also recognize how it is helping to open up new neuro-pathways in my brain and helping me to think and act differently.

I started with three goals and have seen progress with two of them, but last week I shifted to two different things because of the work stress that was going on - one of them is focused on healthy eating, being outdoors and getting restorative rest. I've been using the 'writing down affirmations' method, because I've found that I focus and 'meditate' better when there's a physical action involved.

...well, I fell asleep before I got to try the assignment. It's hard for me to find a moment to myself during the week, so I will put a pin in it and do it on the weekend. I think it is worth putting in the time to try, and I don't want to half-a$$ it.

WOO HOO! I'm down another 1.3 pounds!

WOO HOO! It's my long meeting day until 5:30pm, but my Principal has a heart so she is getting grades K-3 covered so that we can all leave at 2:30pm and be home in time for the start of the zoom meeting at 3:15pm! I should be able to get home, shower, and get comfortable in my dining room for my meeting rather than having to drive home after a long day in the dark in a less than safe area.

WOO HOO! An interventionist (thanks to Covid funding) has been helping me with assessments this week cutting my workload in half!

WOO HOO! It's hump day!
WooHoo DD is finally back to herself and not sick.

Woohoo -- I get to work from home again this week. But I will most likely be back in the office next week.

WooHoo -- The kids are back in school after having an extended holiday weekend. We got about 10-12 inches of snow in our area on Sunday night through Monday morning. They were still cleaning up on Tuesday and were predicted to get some more snow Monday night. It never snowed Monday night.

WooHoo -- We were finally able to get DS out of his BioMed class. We have had issues with this teacher all year and DS is not doing the work. It is a 4 year class that DS had already decided he was not going to take the next 2 years. It has been nothing but a headache all year. DS mentioned not wanting to take it this year over the summer because he didn't care for the teacher but we talked him into trying it this because last year was an off year and it might be better. It wasn't. DS will now have a study hall and now no excuse why he doesn't have any homework in his other classes. DS had all of his electronics taken away and also needs to wait longer to get his temps. He could have gotten them in October but since he can't turn in his work we have pushed it off. He knows what he needs to do and just won't do it. So frustrating because I really want him to get his license.
Woohoo... yesterday I successfully applied the guidance my Counselor gave me and challenged the thoughts when I started to spin into the negative vortex. She gave me two questions to ask myself: "Where is the evidence that this is true?" and "How is this serving your well being?". I did start to spin a bit mid-day, but did the challenge and the inner voice was much quieter and detached.

Woohoo... I was thinking about my WDW trip in Feb/March and possibly shortening it since it is 8 days. But then I remembered two days are travel days and six days there seems right, however I did change my return flight from the last flight in the evening to the first in the morning. It will mean getting up at about 4am (not woohoo-y) but I'll be home by noon (woohoo) and most important if there is an issue with the flight it gives me all day to be on a different one. But the best part - it was $253 less. They don't do refunds, the $$$ go in your 'wallet', and I'm going to use them to upgrade my seats to premier.
Woohoo-sunny and in the 40s today. Got outside for a nice walk. Fresh air felt wonderful!

Woohoo-ordered my free COVID tests and already got a confirmation number. Hoping if we have them we won’t need them!

Woohoo-friends told me about a fun little online game called Wordle. You guess a word in six tries. Only one word a day drops, so it’s a nice way to relax for 20 minutes. Check it out, it’s a lot of fun. The instructions are posted with the game.
Woohoo-friends told me about a fun little online game called Wordle. You guess a word in six tries. Only one word a day drops, so it’s a nice way to relax for 20 minutes. Check it out, it’s a lot of fun. The instructions are posted with the game.

I started playing it too. Though for me it is not very relaxing. I can get pretty stressed with it at times. But I keep coming back to it.
Wednesday WooHoo - A good doctor's appointment!!

I called yesterday to schedule my (late) regular physical, thinking they'd be booking a few weeks out, and they happened to have had a cancellation for today. :Pinkbounc So not only is it over with, I didn't have time to dread it beforehand!

She was happy with my numbers, and I was happy with her suggestions. Provided regular screening test results come back OK, my next appointment is booked for next year. :goodvibes
I am thankful that DD is better. I am also thankful that she talks to me. She doesn't always tell me when she wants to stop an activity. She has a habit of telling me she doesn't feel good to get out of it. This week she has told me that she doesn't want to do horseback riding any longer and would like to do cheerleading. She also does not want to do JV soccer in the fall. It was not fun for her and she had lots of issues with team.


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