New Year at DLRP

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  1. SammieG

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    Feb 4, 2001
    I have friends who are thinking of going to DLRP for New Year...

    This will be their first Disney experience.. and so I want it to be great for them.... but am I right in thinking that New Year will be absolutely packed? I know it is in WDW but not sure about DLRP..

    If so.. what kind of wait times would you be likely to experience?

    Would they be better going just after new year? or just before christmas?

    Also.. is the Christmas stuff (parades etc) still on after christmas? Or does it change to a more new year theme?
    I just cant imagine all the christmassy stuff after christmas...

    Thanks so much!

    Sammie x
  2. maleficent_man

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    Mar 21, 2002
    I did WDW for New Year last year (I think there were 80,000 people in.....!!) - wasn't too bad though. The previous 2 years I did DLRP for New Year. It is busy - really busy....BUT....the atmosphere is fabulous. As long as you go to have fun, you will. All the Christmas season stuff runs until the first week of January. It really is fab and I'm going again for New Year this year. Go - you won't regret it IMHO. :thumbsup2

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