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Earning My Ears
Feb 6, 2000
Just thought I would mention the newest travel planning web site. I had read about this site a couple of weeks ago on one of the travel magazines. It is supposed to give travelocity and expedia lots and lots of competition!!Right now you cannot book directly thru it, but it does give all the combinations[flight times] of possibilities for the lowest fares.Current airlines listed are:
us air
air canada
multiple carriers- did not click on this - not sure what this means.

Supposedly early 2001, you will be able to book directly through their site. For now, you must obtain the flight info and book thrpugh the airlines or travel agent. This looks VERY promising however and I have them bookmarked for future use :D

Orbitz is owned by several of the major airlines.

Orbitz is under intense scrutiny from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorneys General of more than 20 states, as they propose to include web-only fares when they fully launch. Their competition is accusing them of anti-competitive practices because none of the other travel agency websites are allowed to offer the airlines Internet-only fares.

This is also the reason you should not rely solely on Orbitz, just as you should not rely solely on Travelocity or Expedia, because none of them list Internet-only fares. In order to be assured of finding the lowest available fare, you still need to check the website of every airline flying the route.

If Orbitz gets past all their regulatory hurdles and begins listing ALL available fares, it will be the premiere site of its kind.

Multiple Carriers means that the itinerary is composed of more than one airline.
Sheryl --

I probably am not getting the gist of this, but if Lowestfare has an exclusive discount for TWA airfare, how can they complain about Orbitz?

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TWA's discounted fares that are offered by Lowestfare are non-published fares, and equivalent to consolidator fares. Lowestfare does not have an exclusive on these fares. Cheaptickets, Onetravel and other websites also offer discounted TWA consolidator fares on certain routes at various times.

Expedia and Travelocity also periodically have specially negotiated fares that are not available anywhere else.

While I cannot speak with total confidence on this issue, I think the difference is that Orbitz has the potential of becoming a major full service travel agency and the extent to which special fares will be available there and nowhere else other than the airline's on website, is being labeled anti-competitive.

Another great site is:

It will give you all possible combinations on all airlines with prices, and shows them all together so you can compare easily. You will have to register and login, but they don't send junk mail.

Smart Money Magazine recently ratedSIDE STEP
very highly. They claim to be the only site that actually shows carriers internet only fares and has you book the flight on the carriers own website.

SideStep's claims cannot be fully substantiated. Here's an example of where they did not offer Delta's lowest fare which was available on Delta's website.

ITA Software may offer an Internet-only special from time to time (although that surprises me that you found any), but they certainly don't always. Case in point: Delta Air Lines is offering a fare sale currently from Dallas Love Field to a number of destinations, with an additional 5% discount if purchased on their website, which would make that an Internet only fare. Checking DAL-CLT-DAL 5/1-5/8,'s price is $224.09. ITA Software's Delta fare is $235 for the same itinerary.

Regardless of the claims of ANY airfare search engine, there is no website that currently offers all of the airline Internet-only fares.
Sheryl --
Thanks for the heads up on SideStep, the media reviews are impressive.
I guess there's no shortcut to checking fares.
Thanks again.


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