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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by wilma-bride, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. wilma-bride

    wilma-bride <<This space intentionally blank>> Moderator

    Jul 13, 2005
    Haven't quite plucked up the courage to book yet but considering the 4-night on Disney Wonder Feb 11th 07.

    It will be a surprise 40th Birthday celebration for my DH.

    Anything you guys can say to really sell it to me :) And is there anything I could book for him onboard as an extra surprise?
  2. mommasita

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    Aug 3, 2004
    Hello, I could write forever about DCL...But won't.. :teeth: I think this would be a marvelous cruise for you both..I can not imagine a better surprise trip.....

    There is REAS..I will provide info for you about it:omantic Escape at Sea Add-on

    Want to impress your significant other and add a little romance to your cruise? The "Romantic Escape at Sea" (REAS) add-on provides you with some nice extras for $339 per couple. It's available on any 3-, 4- or 7-night Disney Cruise, and on Land & Sea packages.

    For 2006, the REAS package includes:

    Romantic gift amenity delivered to your stateroom (one per package, usually includes two robes, picture frame, voucher for 8"x10" photo and chocolates)
    Tropical Rain Forest pass for two at the Vista Spa & Salon (length of cruise)
    Priority seating at Palo (one night - package covers the usual nominal per-person fee)
    Romance turndown service (one night)
    Champagne breakfast in bed (one morning - this is a full breakfast, from a more extensive menu than the standard continental breakfast room service)
    e retail value of the stateroom gift is probably around $175. A Tropical Rain Forest pass costs $15 a day or $75 for a 7-day pass (per person), and the Palo fees normally total $20. Some people also report a bottle of wine or champagne is included, worth $50. There is some additional value in the upgraded room service breakfast and being pampered with the romance turndown service. Plus, you have the luxury of pre-booking everything early.* It's hard to put a dollar value on the REAS add-on
    An unadvertised aspect of the Romantic Escape at Sea add-on is that you get to pre-book your Palo reservation(s), shore excursions and any spa services 105 days in advance of your cruise (the same time frame as passengers staying in suites!), as long as you've paid for your cruise in full. Only the cost of one dinner at Palo is included in the package. The fees for additional Palo reservations (such as Palo brunch and/or "high tea"), shore excursions and spa appointments aren't included in the package, but you can still book them 105 days in advance if you've purchased this add-on.

    And/Or you can order a basket from Shirley at ....

    There is so much information about the cruise, I suggest you read the sticky of FAQ's..

    HTH :goodvibes
  3. cornish pixie

    cornish pixie DIS Veteran

    Feb 4, 2006
    Hi Wilma-bride, You won't go wrong booking the Wonder we sailed on our first cruise last year and can't wait to go again. and I can send you any info you might require and some pic's if you want.
    My only advice is to shop around though when your pricing it up, I can really recommend Sandy at *************, brilliant deals and so on the ball, and much cheeper than any of our travel agents.
    Does your hubbie like fishing? as they do a good trip at Castaway Cay it's only 1/2 a day so you get some together time as well, But to be honest when we went last year we just decided to enjoy the ship and what it had to offer seeing we were on it for such a short time.
    Anyway good luck and let us know what you decided to do.
    Cornish Pixie :wave2: :wave2:

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