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Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by exDS vet, Oct 20, 2002.

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    Aug 19, 2002
    Anyone who has experienced the Pooh attraction at WDW should have expected that the ride would eventually find it's way to Disneyland. I am not a Pooh fan, but I did like this ride. My only problem is seing it replace the Country Bear Jamboree/Playhouse.

    I was at Disneyland on September 9, 2001. I got to see one of the final performances of the Coutry Bear Playhouse on that, it's final day of operation. All CM's that attended received commemorative buttons. It was a bit of a sad moment in Disneyland's history, at least to me. At least for the time being, the original Country Bear Jamboree is still at the MK in Florida.

    I think Disney could have put the popularity of Pooh to better use by creating a new "land" for the attractions, photo spots, shops, etc. My opinion is a "100 Acre Woods" type of land located in the old Big Thunder Ranch area, next to Fantasyland would have been a terrific use of some currently useless space. That's just my opinion.

    For those of you who may not be in the "know," where Disneyland history is concerned, here's a little history lesson for you. Critter Country was known as Bear Country before Splash Mountain was born. It was home to the Country Bear Jamboree, Davey Crockett Explorer Canoes, Hungry Bear Restaurant, Teddi Beara's Swingin' Arcade and the Mile Long Bar.

    Once Splash Mountain opened, the "land" was re-named Critter Country to reflect it's new population. Splash at Disneyland was the first in any Disney park. Many of the characters from the attraction, especially those in the riverboat "finale" scene came from the "America Sings" attraction that once occupied the Carousel Theater in Tomorrowland. None of the above-mentioned attractions or characters were ever in Fantasyland.
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    Welcome exDS vet

    While I am not a Pooh fan either and I would love something exciting to go into the area behind Big Thunder Mountain, I don't think Pooh would have fit there in terms of theming. I guess critters ought to stay in Critter Country.

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