New pin trader. I need help!


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Jan 2, 2001
Well if you read my last post you can guess that we have been bitten by the pin trading bug. But, for now, we are going to stick with trading with CM's. I would guess that there are some "not-so-nice" pin traders out there that would take advantage of us newbies and we aren't really trading to complete a set we just trade because we see what looks neat.

I was told by a couple of the traders at the world that one of the easiest things to do is find less expensive pins on-line and trade those at WDW on a return trip. How do I know which pins can be traded? I guess they have to be Disney issued pins but, I don't know if, for example, pin # 54 from YOM series is a Disney pin? I don't know what it looks like or if it was Disney issued or anything.

I see some inexpensive pins for sale on this board but don't know if they can be traded with the CM's. I plan on letting the kids do most of the trading next trip....not all, I want to have some more fun!

Is there a link where I can view some of the pins issued?

It depends on what park you visit. DL/DCA and WDW have different trading guidelines.
As long as it reads "Disney" on the back, or is Disney affiliated, the pins can be traded at WDW.
AT WDW last month I saw McDonald's pins, Bongo's Cuban Cafe, RainForest cafe pins. I even took a few of the cheap $2 gold heart variety pins to WDW as traders. And traded one with alittle girl and the other with a CM. And both were very happy to get them. has a nice little blurb telling you the difference between trading in DL and WDW. Plus it will give you a visual idea what is currently acceptable and what is not. And keep in mind park pin trading rules can change at any given moment. So when I know I am getting traders, I like to make sure they are tradable on both coasts, just in case.
The YoD pins are very good traders. They are cheaper and were popular in WDW last month between guests and CM's.
Make sure you get yourself set up with Pinpics too.
99.9% of the on-line traders are wonderful people!
Happy trading!
Welcome to pin trading, Dave. :) Now say goodbye to your money. :D

Seriously, though. Check out the links I have in my signature. The DIS has a Pin Trading Etiquette 101 area that covers the basics, and the DIS Collectors Board FAQ covers some rules specific for the Collectors Board as well as a little more detail on trading in general.

Disney Store pins are tradable at WDW and cost less than the rack pins at WDW -- starting at $4-$5 for the 100 Years of Dreams and the 12 Months of Magic pins versus $6.50 for a WDW rack pin. There are websites that sell tradable pins at a discount. Board rules prohibit posting links to for profit sites but if you'll PM or e-mail me I can send you links to a couple we've purchased from. Also, sometimes you can find some online auctions where sellers offer several pins, and if with a little luck you can get a set of traders at a pretty decent average per pin price.

Pinpics is an unofficial directory of Disney pins (9600+ and counting) with pins from WDW, Disneyland, Japan, Europe, and the Disney Stores. You can also check Dizpins or Dizneypins for news and info on pin releases.

Good luck and good trading!! :)
Oh, Dave ... fair warning.

I noticed in your sig you're going to be in WDW in September. There will be a big pin trading event September 20-22 at Epcot. You can find out more about it on these boards or over on dizpins or dizneypins.

Don't know when in September you'll be there, but just wanted to prepare you and your wallet. :D


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