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    Nov 11, 2003
    While looking at excursions under "My Reservations" I saw a "Off Road Adventure to Jade Caverns" excursion. It's not listed on the website except when I log in. Is this a new excursion? If not, has anyone ever done this? It seems pretty neat. Thanks!

    "After a 10-minute walk, take a 30-minute van ride to the heart of Cozumel's jungle. Note: Guests with back or neck injuries, heart conditions, epilepsy, and expectant mothers may not participate on this tour. Receive a comprehensive safety briefing before hopping inside your fully automatic Xrails all-terrain vehicle. Each vehicle accommodates up to 2 passengers and offers the safest and most comfortable ride through the off-road trails surrounded by lush jungle.
    • Drive for approximately 30 minutes through the jungle before arriving at the Jade Caverns system. At this botanical oasis, encounter rare species of flora before diving into the fresh emerald waters filled with stalactites formations. Your guide will be on hand to explain the history of the cavern's creation.
    • Enjoy some relaxation time in this magical place while before re-boarding your vehicle for more fun as you make your way back to base camp. A snack box and beverage will be provided during your stop.
    • Take the 30-minute drive back to the pier."

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