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Earning My Ears
Jan 21, 2002
I am currently booked at the Swan For Pre Night. Am thinking that staying at the Raddison in Pt Canaveral may be the better choice. Anyone ever stay there? Is anyone planning to stay there pre night 5/11. And what do u do for transportation to the Radisson and on the way back to MCO after the cruise.

Does the Raddison have an Avis drop off and do they charge more for drop off at a different location?

Any input greatly appreciated.
We also are staying at the Dolphin/Swan the night before. WE are renting a car at the airport (Avis), driving to WDW, driving over to the Raddison at the Port the next morning. Turning the car in at Avis, and using their shuttle over to the ship. We have another car reserved after the cruise. Taking the Avis shuttle back to the Raddison, picking up the rental car, driving back to the Orlando airport and turning the rental car back in.
We have started flying out a night ahead and getting a room at the airport hotel via Priceline ($28 for the Renaissance) or Hotwire ($33 for the Amerisuites with a free continental breakfast). Most of those hotels have free shuttles, so we take that the night before and then have Happy Limo transport us to the port the next morning. There are a lot of restaurants within walking distance of the hotels so we just eat a nice dinner in that area and relax the night before. Then we get a good night's sleep and head off to the port bright & early.
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We will be staying at the Radison the night before, two bedroom suite. Have reserved a limo for the trip from MCO to the Port the day before and returning to MCO Saturday for the trip home early Sunday. Not too sure about wanting to eat a nice dinner after being on DCL? Hope to see you folks there with Lime Green Ribbons?

Question...what time do you need to get to the port? Am I wrong in the fact that they won't let you onboard until 1:00? Please let me know what the best thing to do is because as of now we are spendingthe night before at WDW. How long of a drive is it to the port from there? Help please. Thanks.
Dawn, it's only about an hour's drive to the port from WDW. They don't allow you in to the parking lot and port terminal before 10:30 am, so no need to rush. The official boarding time is 1:00 but they typically start boarding between 12:15 and 12:30.

As for where to stay the day before, if you arrive early enough to enjoy the parks then do the Swan (or whatever WDW resort you'd like). If not, then either do an airport hotel and trek to the port the next day or go ahead and make the trek to the port area the day you arrive and stay at the Radisson. :)
I booked the Radisson for one night in July since we were
renting an Avis car and the drop off is right at the hotel.

We're a family of four and I reserved a car from Avis for approx
$55 from Airport to Radisson. Reserved another car for the
return trip for about $35.
cruisinqueen we will be at the radisson the night before also since Joe and Joanne had the two bedroom suite we took a onebedroom, actually don't need two rooms as it is just DH and I. hope to meet all that will be staying there some time that evening. Haven't been there before we usually stay at WDW just thought we would try staying closer to see if it does reduce that morning rush, I always felt soo rushed to get everyone out the door and on our way early. This time we just want to kick back and relax.

It seems to be that staying at the Raddison is probably the wiser choice, since we don't land till a little after 5 P.M. in the evening.

Seems maybe I'll rent a car to get to Raddison and then take Disney transportation back to airport since I booked an 11:30 A.M. flight back on the 18th. I know I cut it close, I'm getting nervous. I hear Disney transportation gets you back to airport quickly. (I Hope they don't nit pick with immigration since its the maiden voyage with Western Carribbean)

If you have better suggestions to get me to the airport quicker let me know.

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