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    Our Beta Re-cap
    Monday, November 17th, 2008

    We’ve received a lot of great feedback from those of you who have joined us on Elf Island during the past two weeks. Based on your emails and comments to our moderators, our island is really taking shape! We’re so happy that many of you are re-connecting with old buddies and making new friends in our world.

    There are quite a few changes we’ve made since the first boat arrived to Elf Island. Here are a few areas we have enhanced and improved:

    -Fixed the problem with items disappearing in the homes

    -Made the avatars invisible when they enter a mini-game or a store

    -Labeled the “Map”

    -Chat/UI Lag - we’ve made major strides and will continue to improve the experience

    -We also addressed an issue where players were sometimes not able to see other players’ names

    Over the next week, we will be addressing:
    - The Field Guide (as the week progresses you will see improvements with usability)
    - Chat Logs: We are adding a chat log, so that players can read the chat in the room without seeing the bubbles overlap (or we will find a way to keep bubbles from overlapping)

    - Mini-game widget: It will be easy to find, so exiting a game will be intuitive

    - Fix layering issues with goods and the “edit home” button, so that an elf cannot walk through them

    - Alphabetize the friend’s list

    In terms of features, this week you should expect to see:
    - The pie shooter micro-game
    - New items/goods
    - Improved Elf mobility
    - Improved customization process

    Islanders - stay close to our blog, we are planning to share an exciting development over the next few days!
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    exciting development? o_O

    Thanks bug!

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