Need reviews from TENT campers at FW...


Mar 22, 2001
We are thinking about doing this a couple of weekends in "value" season...we've got Seasonal passes, and to stay "on-site" for 2 nights for less than $70 would be fantastic! Can anyone who has done this before give me some reviews of their trip? What are some pros and it worth paying $34/night for a campsite? Can you bring your own grill/food? What about security during the day (is it safe to leave your stuff out all day?)...things like that.

Please, no cabin or wilderness home reviews (for that cost, I would stay at a moderate or even deluxe resort!!). But if you've stayed in a tent at FW, I would love to hear from you!!

Thanks! :D
For a great review of FW camping check out Tuffcookie's trip reports on the Trip Reports board. She has 5 reports with pictures posted and I think you will find them very informative.
My son & I camped at Ft Wilderness for two weeks last August and had a great time. I think the only mistake we made was paying for the preferred site so my son could have cable. I don't think we watched more than a couple of hours the whole two weeks we were there.

I didn't see security but we never had anything missing.

The transportation is great once you understand the system.

I didn't do a lot of cooking but we did keep easy fixings for sandwiches, & things to heat up by toaster or microwave.

Go & have fun.


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twalton, Please read my trip reports. I would not hesitate to tent camp at FW again. TC


We have camped At FW several times, usually in a camper, but last August we ventured in our tent. We were there for 10 days and had a wonderful time. We brought all our own food, a small gas grill our crock pot and all our camp cookware. We cooked most meals in the crock pot, starting before we left for the day, If you are a seasoned camper, you can do just about everything that you would do at any other camp trip at FW except for open fires. But they have a great campfire program for the kids to cook marshmallows.There is an area at each campsite that is mostly coarse sand to set up your tent. We had a tent, screen house, and a large tarp to cover everything in case of rain.I think it is the safest place in the world, been there 12 times and never had a problem. It is definitely worth it. I don't think we will ever go to WDW without staying at FW. Lots for the kids to do besides the parks too. Hope this helps. KQ



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