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    Alright TA's, here is your chance.

    Softball team from MD. We had reservations booked through Selalago Hotels. I called today to confirm my reservation, and they changed the rates on me. They initally raised them $20 a night, ended up changing the rates to cost me about $50 more total. (I will post the full story below.)

    I am incredibly frustrated by the process... And would LOVE to take business elsewhere.

    11 guys, need 11 beds. Can be in Kissimmee or Orlando. Pull Out sofas are totally fine.

    Right now our price is $783.09 inclusive for the 11 of us to stay in 3 Suites.

    Full Story:
    Made reservations Jan 3. When I spoke to the front desk, I explained that I would pay for the rooms, but I wanted to know what the best way to save money was. She asked about military discounts, and I said we had 3 guys that worked for the military, but 2 of the military guys were hurt, and I was not sure if they would go. I had 2 guys with AAA memberships, and I was sure that they would go. She told me to book the rooms with the military discount, and if they did not go she would just change the rate and honor the AAA prices. She sent out the confirmation letters (I have them). I called today to change the other 2 rooms to AAA, and that is when this fiasco started. The manager on duty was helpful in dropping the price, I am grateful for that. But this was a PAIN.

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