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Earning My Ears
Jan 29, 2000
Hi everyone,
We just returned from a fabulous 8 night trip to WDW and stayed at the Dolphin.
I just found out that my DH has received and award that gives us a trip to SF for 4 nites and then we will drive to DL for 3 nights.How long should I expect the drive to be on a Sunday am ( (Fathers Day)??
I am trying to reserve a room for the three nights at a DL resort and I am having trouble booking a room and finding info. It doesn't seem to be as straight forward as WDW.
I think that we would like to stay at the DL hotel-the kids have seen the pool in pictures and it seems the best of the three hotels??? But the hotel seems very old. I would like to stay at the GC but it seems very expensive.
Is there any discounts from either the newspaper or for passholders or Disney Club members.
What # would u suggest I call to book??
We are WDW passholders and there seems to be more offers for discounts on rooms than DL. Can anyone help me find a discount on rooms???
Thanks so much,

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Hi, Maureen,

Our family went to DL this past November and I booked our trip on the DL website without any trouble. If you have problems, you can contact them through the website via email, snail mail or telephone.

I don't know anything about discounts. I have to say that even though the DL hotel is old (think of the history!) I don't want to ever stay anywhere else when we go. The pool is great. They were doing extensive remodeling when we were there. I love the whole Disney ambience and atmosphere.

Good luck and have a great time.


P.S. Here is the URL for the contact page
We booked a trip for the end of June and got the Disneyclub rate at the Grand Californian for $238 a night. The DL hotel is old, but they are redoing the rooms. The rooms are suppose to be done in July! I called the Disneyclub #.
Good luck,

I know what you mean. I live in California but spend a lot of time at Disney World. We just went for a two-night stay at Disneyland and stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. I got the cheapest rate by calling the hotel directly. You can do that at Disneyland still-unlike Disney World. I ended up getting the room with the 3-day passport for hundreds less than booking with the travel company. Also, the Bonita Tower was where we stayed. The rooms were very spacious and overlooked the koi fish ponds. We could hear the waterfalls at night-it was very beautiful!!! Oh, San Francisco to Disneyland should be about 7-8 hours, depending on when you leave. Is flying an option???

We just used DU for the second time. I had never been to Southern California, so I found the help and assistance of Michelle (my agent) invaluable.

(She also found me a pretty good Disney Club deal!)

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