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Dec 30, 2002
Hi everyone,

I am new to this board. We plan to stay at CR in Sept 03 and I need a little info.

First, is there a kiddie pool or not? How shallow is it? Was it replaced with a playground?? Where is it located?

Also, can you see both the fireworks AND the water parade from certain rooms in CR? If so, do you know which ones? If we go to the 15th floor for the fireworks, is it packed?

I understand that CR has a beach. Is it used for swimming/sandcastle building, or is it mainly used for launching water vehicles, etc?

We are choosing CR because we will have our three children with us. Is it true that Disney enforces the 4 person limit strictly at the value and moderate hotels? The kids will be four years old at the time of our trip.

Any info. you can share on the tower vs. garden rooms would be much appreciated. Is the decor the same in both? We'd prefer something a little less "loud" than what I see on the Disney website. I have seen pics of some CR rooms that were more neutral, but I think they may have been old pictures.

Well I'll answer as much as I can, as I've stayed there this year and know a few things, but I don't claim to know it all about any resort anymore LOL. I don't believe there's a kiddie pool, and I don't believe that the main pool is zero-depth entry either. It's about 3 feet deep or so in most places. There's another pool out by the dock, but it's a little deeper, about 4-5 feet. You can get lifejackets at the marina I believe. There's also one of those "wet areas" next to the pool where the water jumps from hole to hole and the kids can play in it- like an interactive fountain- similar to that place in Epcot between future world and world showcase if you have seen that.

I doubt that you could get a room where you could see both the fireworks and the electrical water pageant very well from the room. If it's possible, it would probably be one of the rooms in the south garden wing which face north both out towards the lake and also the air above the magic kingdom might be within view from some of those nearest the lake. That would be something to check out before checking in. In the tower, you might be able to see the water parade from a distance from the rooms facing the magic kingdom, but not as good a view as when the parade is in the lake behind the contemporary. The restaurant on the top floor now only allows restaurant guests to view the fireworks, so that's not an option unless you're eating there. They recommend that you view it from the 4th floor concourse, which is a good view. The 14th floor is concierge only, and you must use a conciege key to get to that floor.

There's lots of sandy beachfront along the contemporary, and it's used for both launching vehicles in certain areas and you could use it for strolling and sandcastles as well- plenty of room.

I believe if Disney knows you have more than 4 people, they are strict about saying only 4 per room in the resorts which only allow 4. Of course you have the option of not telling them how many children are with you, that would be up to you. As far as room size, the contemporary rooms are large, and all the non-suite rooms are exactly the same size and have the same layout, whether they are in the garden wings or the tower. All the rooms have the same type of decor, although there may be some that have different colors, and that would be another thing to ask at checkin and tell us about when you get back :) The garden wing rooms on the first floor have a patio, and the 2nd and 3rd floor rooms have sliding glass doors, but not balconies. All the tower rooms have balconies, and you can request either bay lake or magic kingdom view, but that's not guaranteed unless you're paying the megabucks for a 14th floor concierge room (not tower club 12th floor). A lot people won't stay in the garden wings, but just in my opinion, paying around $100 extra per night to have that balcony just isn't worth it. The garden wings are connected to the main building by a covered walkway that's real short, so you don't really even have to go out in the rain anyway. Maybe if this was a once in a lifetime trip so I wanted the very best and money-no-object, then i'd get the tower, but just for a yearly trip i'd stay in the garden wings and add on another night or two to my stay for the same money- just my two cents :).
If you are looking for quiet, the CR isn't the resort. Between the Tower & the Garden Wings, the Garden Wings aren't as busy (as far as the decor....I think they are both "loud". There is a beach where the kids can build sandcastles and launching water crafts but there isn't any swimming allowed (at any of the lakes at Disney). There was a children's pool (I stayed there in 97) and a playground....not sure if they are still there. As far as seeing the Fire Works & the Water Parade.......You can see the Fire Works from the stairwell just outside the shops (Monorail level). You can see the Water Parade from the beach. I cannot tell you if there is a room where you can see both ( I would think the higher up & facing the MK you would be able to see both but the parade would be the view of the stop in front of the MK not the direct view). We stayed in the South Garden Wing. The rooms are big for Disney rooms. I really liked the bathroom LOL... There were lots of lights around the mirror/vanity area. There was the shower/tub area & then a seperate room for the toilet. Our room overlooked the waterway. There was no balcony, the sliders opened to just a rail.....not too comfortable for me with small kids. I have to say that the CR is my least favorite resort on property. Parking was terrible. There was a convention going on & all the spots were taken by people from the convention. There were many large trucks parked down by the south parking lot which made it even worse. If you want something quiet with a tranquil decor on the Monorail line..... I would stay at the Poly.
Just want to say we almost let comments on this board deter us from staying in CR and we loved it. The room decor isn't bad, it works for that resort. We stayed in tower with a bay view and watched the ELP from our balcony every night. I'm not sure about fireworks, unless you mean Epcot Illuminations, we could see Spaceship Earth off in the distance but never watched the fireworks. Have fun!
The CR sleeps 5 - not just 4. There is a day bed in the rooms.

One poster that stayed there in '97 said there was a kiddie pool, however, we were there last April & there was not a kiddie pool that we could see. There is a "quiet pool" that we actually thought was a kiddie pool until we walked over to it. It is actually a deeper pool than the large one.

The decor is "loud" but we enjoyed staying at the CR & will be back this April. My kids really loved it & the convenience to MK is awesome.

Good luck with your decision. :)
We are a family of 5who stayed at the CR last April. The only other resort we have stayed in is POR. We loved the CR! We were in the North Garden wing last April, and are splurging on a tower room for this trip (my birthday, and our kids are getting older, so I'm not sure how many family trips to WDW we have left in us!) You just can't beat the convenience of the location of this resort. Being able to walk to MK was great, and for the bus runs the CR is the first stop. There wasn't a kiddie pool, but there was a playground area. There is no swimming from the beach, but it is great for strolling on, or watching the Water Parade:D Have fun whatever you decide!

You have gotten some great answers here, I have not stayed there myself but wanted to at least welcome you here.. :)
We just stayed at the CR in September, and are returning in 2 weeks (woohoo!).

Yes, the kiddie pool has been replaced by a playground, there are now 2 playgrounds almost directly next to each other, on the bay side of the North Garden Wing.

As MESLMICE said, the room decor is loud but once you arrive, you'll see that any other decor wouldn't really work as well.

We have only stayed in the NGW and unless I had extra money to burn or was doing an all-out, no financial restraints imposed vacation, I also can't see spending that extra $100 or so for the tower rooms. If you get a garden wing room that faces the bay, you can watch the EWP from your patio. We could actually watch it from our bed!

The NGW tended to be pretty quiet, not as much hustle and bustle of the tower. IMHO, with 3 four year olds the space offered by the rooms at the CR is a big plus. Also, the transportation can't be beat--you can monorial easily to the MK or Epcot, and there's also a walking path to the MK. Again, w/ 3 four year olds, I think that the walking path would be a lifesaver if you are trying to leave the MK at a crowded time.

Chef Mickey's is in the CR and I think your kids would LOVE it. One of the drawbacks of the CR is that there isn't much of a food court. There is a 24-hr grill where you can basic foods, but not a varied food court like you'll find at the moderates.

I hope this helps!
I can only give you my opinion, but for me, I am not happy unless I am staying at the Contemporary. This next trip I cannot swing the CR so I am renting points and staying at BWV.

Why do I love the CR so much?

1). The sheer convenience of getting to and from the MK. Picture yourself after a long day at the MK staying for a parade or fireworks or whatnot.. You are tired, your kids are tired. Do you want to hassle with trying to get on a crowed monorail (if staying at the Poly or GF) or boat and then trudging to your car? Imagine how wonderful it is to be able to stroll out of MK and be in your room in under 10 mins. It is priceless. This is the ONE feature that I am going to miss the most on our next trip! And let's face it, with 3 4-year-olds, you probably will be spending a great deal of time at MK. Being able to walk over late in the afternoon to catch a few rides before it closes is wonderful. It just takes all the hassle out of going to MK.

2) If you spring for a tower room and get a MK view, there is nothing like lying in bed at night and watching the castle change colors. I lost a lot of sleep just staring out of the window. Even the covered areas where the buses unlload have lights on their roofs and it is simply spectacular.

The pool area is nice (not a fun as others but it will suffice for little ones and big ones who want to cool off).

As far as the "decor" of the CR. It is, indeed, bold, but I think that it is nicely done. It isn't loud in the 70's sense of things (harvest gold, avacado green, gross, groos, gross). I think the best work for it is funky. The rooms are hugh, clean, cheerful.

I say "go and enjoy." I know I would give a left arm to be staying there on this next trip (and I know that BWV will be awesome, but there is just something about being able to walk to MK that does it for me...)

And god bless you for having the nerve to chase 3 4-year-olds around Disney. Hope you have fun.

I understand what you mean about the "unattractive" rooms. In 2000, we hopped from the GF to the CR and my kids were very upset. The room was quite a drastic change to the Victorian GF. But they ended up loving it. So much so that we picked the CR for our trip in 2001. The pool area is fun - even if deeper than you want. They do have the water jets. The playground does have sand all around it, so the kids can play there. On our second trip (both were North Garden rooms), I did request the ground floor so that we could just walk out the sliding doors and go straight to the playground (it's near the No. Garden rooms).

If you are bringing your own strollers, you cannot beat the walk to MK. It's about 10 min. The monorail takes 20 mins. (I timed it once). And on the way back from a tiring day at MK, you hop on the monorail and are back at your room in 5 mins. (you are the first stop on the return trip).
On our previous trip, I shopped around MK one afternoon while my husband had the kids at the pool (you could always go at naptime). Because the walk is so short, you can go and come back in such a short amount of time. At any other resort you would have to allow yourself so much time for a bus, etc.

Someone mentioned noisy rooms, but that can happen at any Disney resort. You never know who will be rooming next to you. We have had 2 trips to CR - never any noise. 2 trips at the GF and on our last night on one of the trips, there were 4 kids in the suite next to us. They were really loud!!! And on one trip to Dixie Landings there were a couple of nights of crying kids. I'm always telling my kids to be quiet!!

Can't answer any of your other questions, but have fun planning.



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