Need character name ideas for an MMO.


Earning My Ears
Apr 5, 2007
Okay, first off, I play an old MMO called Anarchy Online.

In this game, you pick a name for your character, then you can optionally use the commands "/name first <name>" and "/name last <name>", so your name appears as: First Name "Character Name" Last Name.

On my main account, all of my characters so far have Disney World related names, and most of them are EPCOT related.

I'm trying to think of a good name for a new character. Here are the names and classes of the ones I have so far:

-The "Wedway" Peoplemover - Fixer - A hacker who runs fast and shoots fast. He can increase others' run speed, and teleport them into a digital transportation hub, hence the name.
-Steamboat "Imagineering" Willie - Engineer - The class is self-explanatory. Builds big, deadly robots.
-"Spectromagic" (can't think of a good first/last name) - Nano-Technician - nukes enemies. Good name, since he fires off lots of bursts of colorful light.
-If "Wecandreamit" Wecandoit - Meta-Physicist - Creates demonic pets with his mind.
-"Epcot" Center - Martial Artist - No real reason for the name.
-The "Livingseas" - Doctor - I figured a Doctor needed something with the word "living" in it.
"Magicjourney" (can't think of a good first/last name) - Shade - stealthy, stabby type. Like a Rogue. Picked the name because Shades (as well as another class) are genetically engineered in another dimension.
"Communicorps" (can't think of a good first/last name) - Bureaucrat - stuffy, government official type. Builds deadly "secretary androids" and uses "motivational/demotivational speeches" to buff allies and debuff enemies. Can charm enemies to fight for him. I figured a Bureaucrat would have to be a great communicator, so it's appropriate, and "Corps" sounds more combat-related.
Listento "Theland" - Adventurer - shapeshifts into animals and kills people with knives or pistols.

So my next character is a Trader. They carry a shotgun and can drain an enemy's skills, health, nano (like mana), and armor, and transfer it to themselves. I'm having a lot of trouble thinking of a name for this one. I wanted "Startrader" or "Startraders" but someone has already claimed them.

So, I'm looking for ideas, 5-12 letters long, related to Disney World, but preferably to EPCOT Center, for a name for this character - especially one that comes with a clever first and last name. You can also suggest ideas for first/last names for the aforementioned characters that don't have them.

Thank you. :)


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