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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by starsweeper, Jan 15, 2013.

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    A little background: I had planned to take my ODS and ODD on a 4/5-day trip to WDW in early October. My mom has aggressive breast cancer and learned she now has spots in her lungs and brain. These are very treatable but could return again. She has expressed an interest in going with me and asked to include my brother as well. However, she asked to be at a monorail resort to reduce exertion and simplify things. This adds a lot more cost (we planned a budget trip). We have savings my DH says I should use, and he says I should book soon to lock in a room if they could sell out.

    If I book a 2-bedroom suite at Contemporary now I know it will be outrageous, but I don't want to risk rooms selling out either. However, if a discount does come available, will I be able to apply that later? When should I worry about 2-bedroom suites being sold out? Should I book now, in 2-3 months, wait for discount in 4-6 months? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    ETA: My ODS could bunk with my brother in another room. Would it be cheaper/less risky to book 2 rooms?
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    Sorry to hear about your Mom. I hope her health improves. If you know you want the 2-BDR Suite at the CR and it is available now, book it. There are limited rooms in that category. Regarding discounts, I am booked August 15-25 without a discount at AKV-Jambo. If a discount comes out for that time period I will apply to my reservation so long as it is available for my room category, i.e. 1-BDR Villa. The same thing would hold true in your situation. There may be discounts coming for later in 2013. However, not all discounts cover all room levels at all resorts. If they do, great. If not, at least you have the room you want safely reserved. If there are no discounts for the room you have reserved, you can always switch your room at that time to another one with a discount.

    Two rooms would be cheaper than a 2-BDR suite. How much less depends on view, i.e. Bay Lake, MK, etc. If you do get two rooms you can request that they be connecting or adjoining but there are no guarantees. There is a better chance that the discounts will be associated with regular hotel rooms than the 2-BDR suite.
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    Have you thought about renting from a DVC owner at Bay Lake Towers? A 2 Bdroom might be a good choice. That way if your mom feels like she needs a rest, its in a living room, not a hotel room. There is the kitchen to do meals and keep from rushing out in the morning. If you go early OCT it is a slower time = less points and if you find a BLT owner renting they can book it for you now (within 11 months).

    I hope you find something that works out well. HUGS and good luck.

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