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Feb 15, 2000
April 3rd, Monday

This is our travel day. Kim and I were up at 7:30 to pack up. We managed to get dressed and packed up by 9:00 AM. We did have a few anxious moments when Kim realized that the "flintlock" I had bought Dustin in Frontierland wouldn't fit into her suitcase. We managed to fit it into her garment bag, though, so it worked out all right.

Did you hear the gnashing of teeth this morning? That was us. None of us, except Wilgus was ready to go home. We really needed a few more days to see the things we had to miss. Of course, the sun is shining brightly and it is warm outside. That makes it even harder to get on a plane and fly back to Michigan. We know that the sun wasn't shining in Michigan.

We woke Wilgus up singing, "Happy Birthday to you," He's 51 today. We checked out and drove over to Shoney's fora birthday breakfast. Then we're off to the airport. Wilgus had driven to the airport the day before, while we were at Epcot, to make sure he knew how to get there and we had no problems.

We got checked in for our flight and had to leave Dustin and Kim to wait almost 6 hours for their flight home. I only felt a little bad about them having to spend that much time at the airport, alone. After all, Uncle Wilgus paid their way for this entire trip, how bad can they feel about waiting at the airport?

We left them there at 11:45. Our flight was supposed to leave Orlando at 12:15 but didn't leave until an hour later. We flew to Newark first. As we disembarked from our flight from Orlando, the Continental monitor is flashing that our next flight is boarding. Already? We take off through the terminal from gate 95 looking for gate 115. It is a very long way between gates, a VERY long way. We finally arrive at gate 115, breathless and ask the ticket agent at the podium if we can still board. She looks at us like we're certifiably nuts and says, "sure, just as soon as this flight deplanes." WHAT??? Apparently someone made a mistake and our flight wasn't boarding. We had run all that way for nothing. We waited another 30 minutes before our flight boarded. The rest of our flight was uneventful and finally made it home about 8:30 PM.

The first thing I did was to sign on to the DIS. My son declared that I was obviously addicted, obsessed and beyond hope. I said to him, "and your point is.......??"

This was a great trip. I didn't do all of the things I wanted to do but it was still a great trip. I need to go back, though. I need to see Fantasmic and the MSEP and ride RocknRoller Coaster. OH! And see Tarzan and Festival of the Lion King and....well, there just so much I still need to do and see, I just HAVE to go back. I'm working on Wilgus. Surely he isn't hopelessly Disney challenged. Is he? Naaaaaah. I'll be back!
I really appreciate all of the time you put into your reports. They were informative and fun to read.
When's your next trip? I need to read more trip reports!:)
Thanks for posting!
I enjoyed reading all your trip reports. My dh is Disney impaired also, but will go anywhere he can golf :) so I've used that to my advantage this past year! ;)
Katholyn - so glad you had a wonderful trip! The work you put into your trip reports was incredible! And, in addition to having your own Disney "fix", it must feel wonderful to know what a gift you gave Kim & Dustin!!

Thank you for posting...sending a little *pd* your way so you can go back soon!!!:sunny:


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