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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by pinky, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. pinky

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    Sep 15, 2000
    I made a ressie w/ National (full size/EA level of service) as soon as my dates opened up on their site. I modified it as soon as I booked our flights (it went from 8 days to 7) and while I still get the same weekly rate, it bounced me to counter service.

    I emailed them and the reply was that I can ONLY get EA service with a mid-sized car. To guarantee Full, I must go to the counter. I know it's bull because my original FULL size ressie was for EA!!! and I can redo and get EA w/ full size car, but the rate jumps $38.

    I still have plenty of time to talk them into changing it from counter to EA, but worse case scenario....they refuse to change it...being an EC member, how bad is "counter" service? What I mean is, I assume I can not go directly to where the Full size cars are and get one? If I can't, (sorry - I've never been to their counter) am I waiting in line with everyone else at the counter? Or is there a special (shorter!) line for EC members?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. DebbieB

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    Aug 24, 1999
    I always book EC with full size without going to counter. You run into problems when you try to modify a reservation.

    There usually isn't much of a line at the counter, at least not when we have passed it on Saturday afternoons. There is not a special line for EC, at least not the last time I used it (it's been a while). I would keep checking the rates, they usually start going down this time of year. If they go down, rebook and cancel the old one. Another option is to keep your original reservation and just return it early. I had a reservation last year that turned out to be a day shorter because I returned it a couple hours earlier due to earlier check-in requirements after 9/11. They just adjusted it.
  3. jfulcer

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    Jun 1, 2000
    You can get them to change it for you. It might take some time, and quite a long phone call.

    About a month before a trip a while ago, as I was booking my airfare, I was able to get a MUCH better airfare by extending my stay another day. I called National to get the EA ressie changed, and because I was adding another day, they wanted me to pay the current rate for the entire reservation. Considering that doubled my awesome code rate, I told them as an EA member that was unacceptable. I had to go through two supervisors before I was able to get the additional day at the reduced rate. Guess I was a squeaky wheel...

    Call them and explain what you want to do. If the person you are talking with cannot fix it, ask for his/her supervisor. Repeat if necessary.

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