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Oct 1, 2002
We are visiting family in N.C. mid-march and are thinking of heading to Myrtle Beach for a couple of days.

Dh will golf but what can the girls (5.5y.o, 4y.o) and I do during that time. Would appreciate any recommendations from anyone living in the area or from anyone who has visited during March.

Also, where would you recommend we stay. Thanks.


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Jan 17, 2002
I would suggest Priceline for a hotel at MB. I think 3* and up are the only ones on the beach. But, read before making a bid! They can really help you out! You can probably get a 4* there for $40 right now. We always have luck off-season.

Alot of their amusement parks may be closed until the Spring. However, their are alot of outlets and musical shows you may enjoy. I love being at the beach, regardless of the weather!

Good luck! :D


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Mar 24, 2001
Some more good websites:

I generally like to stay in North Myrtle. It's been awhile since we've been, but we're looking forward to going this summer. (Just starting to get some info. myself!)

A hotel with a nice indoor pool & indoor lazy river would be fun. Putt-putt, children's museum of SC, IMAX theater, and Ripley's aquarium are some things you and your children might enjoy.

Have a great time!

P.S.- Canadian-American Days Festival is being held Mar. 6-14, that might be interesting.


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Dec 9, 1999
If you want to stay on the ocean, my favorite place to stay is called Long Bay Resort. We usually get the ocean front 1 BR suite. You walk in to a bedroom with 2 double beds, walk through to a smallish galley kitchen (with a bathroom opposite that), and then go on through to the living/dining area. This living/dining area also has a murphy bed in the wall which is quite comfy. The OF units also have a balcony so that you can overlook the ocean. The area where the Long Bay Resort is located isn't very congested, and you're convenient to both the city of Myrtle Beach and the city of North Myrtle Beach. The Long Bay Resort is at 72nd Avenue North, which is the northern end of Myrtle Beach, but not in North Myrtle Beach. (How's that for a confusing answer!?!)

I also like two shopping/eating/entertainment complexes - the one in NMB is called Barefoot Landing and the one in MB is called Broadway at the Beach. The Broadway complex has an IMAX theatre as well as a nice aquarium. MB also has the Dixie Stampede and Medieval Times, which are also a lot of fun. If your girls like putt-putt, MB is your destination, too! Lots of great putt-putt courses.

Wow - I could go on and on about Myrtle Beach - I just love it there!


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Mar 18, 2003
I can't help you with places to stay, we always stay @ my aunts condo. Myrtle Beach has lots of outlets if you like to shop. You could always find a place with an indoor pool, would probably be too cold for swimming in March, that would occupy a few a hours w/ DDs. There's a great "hole in the wall" Hamburger Joe's, DH loves there long island iced tea and it's so cheap, our entire family can eat for ~$20 incl. DH long isle Iced Tea. It's funny, everytime we go to Hamburger Joe's, we see more people from our hometown than we see when we're home. They have a couple of different places with rides, 1 is the pavilion and the other is The Grand Prix. There's a Ripley's Aquarium, a Butterfly Pavilion, Alligator Adventure, etc. I believe there is a website maybe or Good Luck!


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Jan 19, 2004
There are a lot of hotels to choose from so make your selection carefully. Last spring when we went I really paid attention to the different names and some of the ones I had heard of being nice were starting to look run down. They have built many new hotels and they do not cost really any more per night then some that have seen better days. One place we have stayed at is The Breakers. They do have a brand new tower that looks really nice and has a large indoor pool/play area that is a ship that seems really cool. When we stayed the new tower was not completed yet, so we stayed in one of the older towers. It was still fairly nice. It was beach front with a balcony, which is the most important thing to have in a room. They were also pretty clean.
As far as things to do, go to Broadway at the Beach. It has restaurants, an IMAX theater, miniature golf, and shopping. You also have options of diner theaters, like Dixie Stampead and Midevil Times.


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