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Nov 29, 2000
Just went looking for Max. I couldn't get him to show up in automotive, but found him in Education/Learning. The bad news is that I got the following message when I clicked on him:

This award has expired. No Points can be awarded at this time. (Most Point awards are available for a limited time.)

For hundreds of other Point-earning opportunities, please visit the Earn Points page.

If you received this message in error, please try again. If you continue to experience difficulty with a valid Point award, please contact Member Care and mention the name of the offer.

:mad: Just when things seemed to be going better there, too! :mad:

Anyone else have any better luck than I did?
Today I found him in both automotive & education. got the same error for both locations. I'd guess something has been wrong with max for a while, since he was in automotive for what, more than a week?

I also noticed yesterday that when I clicked him in automotive, it took me to education. So somehow the two are linked.

I just hope they fix it soon! I am loving the daily 5 points!
Got my 5 points for Max for yesterday because I emailed them about it, but wasn't able to find him today. I wonder if they finally took him out? :confused: Did anyone else find him today (Tues 1/22)?


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