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Discussion in 'Disney Rewards Programs' started by tjkluse, May 25, 2003.

  1. tjkluse

    tjkluse Earning My Ears

    May 16, 2003
    I'm new to MyPoints and only have 500 points and would love to get more. I read the tupperware thread and saw this post. Can you explain what is meant by:

    "What you want to do is mouse over them and look at what shows up in the box at the bottom of your browser (I'm using Internet Explorer, so I don't know how it works for other browsers). There should be a six digit number that shows up. You should also be able to see the number when you mouse over the text on the confirmation page that you need to click to get the points, if memory serves me correctly.

    276837 is the one on the Shopping homepage."

    How do you use that information to get points?
  2. lilsonicfan

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    Jan 20, 2003
    Basically, there used to be a "sneaky" way where we could buy $1 e-gift certs on - a site where, if you shop through that "800 points" link, you get an automatic popup for 800 points after completing a transaction. Since there were several "800 points" banners all over MyPoints, some clever and kind folks on the board figured out that each banner has a unique award ID. Thus, even though the offer suggested you could get 800 points monthly with a purchase, some were able to get 800 points X 6 banners = 4800 points or even more.

    Unfortunately, there is now more of a challenge to earn points this way. Tupperware now only sells e-gift certificates at a min of $10. Also, there seem to be fewer banners (though the ones that there are still have unique award IDs, which is what was meant by the paragraph you quoted from... eilonwy?)

    However, you can still earn points from purchases through MyPoints with tupperware. I recently had success getting points from using e-gift certs to buy a small item (and paying the small balance with a visa). So I called that "double dipping" - I got points for buying those gc's and also for using them for a purchase.

    Another good offer is through Amtrak - they have a banner on the site (small) offering 500 points for a purchase under $30. Some clever and kind folks (they abound here) found a ticket from ANA to SNA on May 31 for $1.88. If you register with Amtrak first, you will get an automatic popup showing that you earned 500 points.

    One of the lovely people on this board will, I'm sure, be able to explain how much money you can spend in order to make those points really worth it - since I'm Canadian, it's a bit different for me.

    Have a great time with MyPoints, and remember to shop through their site!
  3. Eilonwy

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    Nov 5, 2002
    You explained it pretty well.

    The only thing I'll add is that the average redemption at MyPoints (say a $25 Webcertificate) costs you about 140 of your points per $1 you get back in your reward. Say a $10 GC costs you 1400 of your points that you have to cashin to get that $10 GC. So the old Tupperware deals were very profitable until they caught on (but not before I earned about $75 for spending $25--so net $50, plus some Tupperware).

    Said another way, that Amtrak offer has a break even point around $3.57 (based on 140 pts/$), so if you don't really need a ticket, but buy one for under $3.57, you're actually making a "profit" on points earned.

    Is this making any sense?

    It all makes sense in my head, but I sometimes have a hard time explaining it in words. I guess I tried to figure out all this stuff so that I made sure I wasn't just buying things that I didn't necessarily need just to get the points. But if I can make a "profit" I'm willing to spend a little money to make a little more money.

    And back to the 6-digit code--if it's a different code, it should be a different offer, so you should be able to get 800 points more than once a month. But only do it if you really need the Tupperware.
  4. tjkluse

    tjkluse Earning My Ears

    May 16, 2003
    My husband (a computer weenie) and I sat in form of the computer for an hour last night trying to make sense of what was meant in the origional post. Being a newbie to mypoints made it that much harder to figure out.

    You explanation made it clear. Thanks for the help!!! Now, I just have to decide how much tupperware I need.



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