My VWL experience


Mar 5, 2001
This is long overdue but I've been meaning to post what a great experience my family had at VWL the first week in December. It was seriously one of my most relaxing vacations and everything worked out perfectly. Tiffany Towncar was waiting for us even though our flight landed 45 minutes early (in itself a rarity). Our 2 bedroom, 5th floor villa was waiting when we arrived at 3:00. Our package from Net Grocer had just arrived and about 5:00 the items that we pre-ordered from WL Mercantile arrived.
The villa itself was gorgeous, 5th floor facing the rear woods with a view to the quiet pool off to the left. Twice during our stay we could hear the MK fireworks, walked out on our balcony and saw part of the fireworks over the top of the main lodge building. We also watched deer from our balcony. The setting is so peaceful and lovely.
The two bedroom definitely spoiled us as we only had 4 people (3 adults and 1 2-year old). The location so close to the MK is great as that was where we spent our park time (which we only did 2 hours each day). Mostly we enjoyed the resort amenities: crafts, all three pools, geyser and brook inside the lodge, etc.
We found transportation to be great - boat ride always right there and never had to wait more than about 10 minutes for a bus. We ate a few times at the Grand Floridian and the Polynesean and found the transportation to work to our favor - quick bus ride to each, then a few different ways to get back (monorail to boat or bus). We actually enjoyed the scenic route (and had the time for it) on the way home and to our daughter, the different modes of transportation were in themselves a ride. She said that she wanted to take a 'momorail' back to Massachusetts instead of an airplane.... The one time my husband and I ventured to the boardwalk area was for dinner at Shula's. We went to the valet stand at the WL, requested a cab and were only waiting for maybe 3 minutes when a valet offered to drive us over himself in the WL van - of course we tipped him well for that but thought it was really sweet.
We're so glad that we took the plunge and the VWL is our new home, though we do plan on trying the other resorts at some point too (HH looks lovely) and even use points for outside ventures (we went to Windham Hill Inn in Sept.) I know that some people don't believe it is the best use of points, but the flexibility is the best use for us - we'll still have recouped the initial cost.
The only mild disappoints with our first DVC trip were 1) dead bird on the balcony when we arrived - but removed graciously within 10 minutes after a call to the front desk. 2) I thought that the jungle gym area on the beach could have been a little more exciting.
Well that's it. Thanks everyone for all of the information previously - it really helped us to make the most of our trip.

- Carol

Thanks for the nice me day dreaming again! :)

You mention "all 3 pools".....isn't there only the main WL pool and the VWL quiet pool?

Or are you including Bay Lake? :D

You're the first person I've read who could see MK fireworks from VWL at all. I didn't think that would be possible with the trees and the WL blocking the view. Cool.
Sorry for the confusion Granny - The third pool that I was referring to was the kiddie pool near the main one.

Yeah, I was surprised to see fireworks too but they were quite high up and very inspiring :).
Gee, you're in Harvard and I'm in Worcester. We are also VWL owners and we love it,too. We've only been in a 1BR as there are only 3 of us. Nice to hear a good report from a close neighbor in more ways than one! Patriots #1! :D

Glad to hear your trip was great. We plan to stay in 1br in March although we are not DVC members. Mind if I ask what is a Tiffany Town Car. :)
Originally posted by bubbala
Glad to hear your trip was great. We plan to stay in 1br in March although we are not DVC members. Mind if I ask what is a Tiffany Town Car. :)
Tiffany Town Car is one of the transportation services that some book from the airport. My understanding is that their service includes a stop at a supermarket on the way from the airport to the resort. Very nice service touch for us to stock up our homes who don't have a car.


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