My review of 'The Country Bears'


Apr 28, 2001
With all the negative reviews from the critics and the general bad feelings that many posters seem to have about TCB (before having even seen the movie, I might add), I thought I would post my thoughts on the movie.

I saw it about a half hour ago with DS (age 5) and DD (age 2). All three of us (yes, I am 28) really enjoyed the movie.

The best parts for the kids were the musical numbers: They were upbeat and they danced through them. They enjoyed the animatronic bears (I like the fact that they weren't CGI-they may still not look necessarily real, but I can invest more in a character when I know what I'm seeing on screen is being seen by the other actors). The interaction between characters is more real, as well.

The cast was likable--Deidrich Bader, Daryl Mitchell, Brad Garrett, James Gammon, Stephen Root. The fact that this is an ensemble movie and not headed by one huge star (i.e. POC - Johnny Depp/HM - Eddie), made sure that we didn't spend too much time with one particular character, making the movie move along better.

It didn't take long for the movie to get going, although the back story and character development suffer somewhat for this--but, of course, kids don't care much for character development. They want something that can hold their interest for 90 minutes.

I did have a few problems with the movie. The was the aforementioned lack of lack of CD and, again, the back story is not explored as much as it should, meaning you don't care for the characters as much as you should. Also, the Christopher Walken character, while necessary to the plotline was just about the worst thing in the movie. His character is so stupid, so pointlessly idiotic, that it's hard to believe for one minute that he could get the better of the Bears. The story could have used a little more conflict between the bears. It's almost too easy for Beary to get the Bears back together (Not a SPOILER, I mean, c'mon, we all knew they would eventually get back together).

To sum it up:

Good for the kids - good music, fast-moving action, funny (although very simplistic) gags, kept their attention for 90 minutes

Good for me - nice story, animatronics better than CGI, clever cameos by Willie Nelson, Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, Elton John, kept my attention for 90 minutes,

Not-so-great - dumb villian, should have explored more of the Bears' history, pretty predictable

There you have it. Please post your thoughts if you've seen the movie.

CM Tinkerbell

Dreaming of Disney
Jan 26, 2002
Well, I went today with my 7 year old daughter and her 6 year old cousin. We had a blast. They really liked it and like your kids, they were dancing too.
And.....I actually really liked Christopher Walken's part. I just thought he played such a bizarre character. I think this is the kind of movie that you just can't take too seriously. It's not a cinematic masterpeice by any means, but it's a good "have some lighthearted fun" kind of movie.


Apr 28, 2001
Originally posted by CM Tinkerbell
I think this is the kind of movie that you just can't take too seriously. It's not a cinematic masterpeice by any means, but it's a good "have some lighthearted fun" kind of movie.

I couldn't have said it better myself!


Oct 22, 2000
And I really liked this movie.

I had to drag two friends with me, but I wanted to see how this might affect the Jamboree and Critter Country.

Anyway, we found this movie SHOCKINGLY funny. We laughed and laughed. The trailers made it seem like it would be all crazy falls and chases. Not the case! There was alot of clever humor...

And the art direction is incredible. The Country Bear tour bus is worth the price of admission.

And the music ... we thought it would be a bunch of bad covers, "Taking Care of Business," etc. Again, we were surprised. The songs were pretty good.


<font color=006600>Found out it's not nice to teas
Apr 24, 2000
I also expected not to like it AT ALL.... but I decided to take my 3 yr old DD while her brothers were in school ( Our first girls only outing as my 3rd son started kinder. this yr :) )
Anyway, we had a blast! It was really cute and I would simply call it a fun movie! Go relax and just have a silly, fun time :p


Mouse Ears

Always a Mouseketeer
Jul 31, 2000
We liked it, too! :)

I took my daughters (3 and 5) and they both loved it. I would compare it to the muppet movies in terms of style. It never tried to take itself too seriously, had a good dose of heart, and the cameos and music were a great diversion for the older audience. The plot is direct and simplistic, the human characters act as cartoonish as the puppet bears, and there is a feel-good happy ending.

So, while this won't win any Oscars and probably won't rake in the box office gold, it was good, wholesome family entertainment. I wish I could find more of that!

:earsboy: M.E.

IASW Rider

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Mar 27, 2000
We also enjoyed seeing the film - I think that long-time fans of the attraction will definitely enjoy it, even though it is not very similar to the attraction! We just had to see it, out of curiosity, and we thought that it was very cute! And the music was great! I liked the scene where Tennessee and Trixie were singing the duet, and Bonnie Raitt and Don Henley were in the audience listening to them (sing with their own voices)! I also liked the little references made to characters from the WDW show who did not appear in the movie - the Bears' tour bus had a subtle sign that said "Zeke" on it, Henry mentioned Liver Lips McGrowl and Gomer, etc. And I'm so glad that Big Al was in the movie! It was kinda silly, but I'm glad that we went to see it! I just hope that they don't plan to change the attraction to theme it more like the movie!


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