My Magical May 26 cruise - Part 2

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    Jul 11, 2000
    The Players - Patrick (41) Jacquelyn (41)
    Ryan (8) Jonathan (7)

    Well, about 2:30am Sunday I woke up w/ a killer sinus headache. I also suffer from migranes occasionaly but this one was all frontal (and I wasn't nauseated). I took a drag off the Vick's nasal inhaler (another bedside Item for me) and got up and took some Tylenol. I was going to lay back down and wait the 30min it usually takes to subside when I decided to go out on the verhanda. I tip-toed past the kids (a Disney design flaw...larger bed should be next to the verhanda!) and went out on the verhanda. I sat in the chair, watching the moon peak in and out of the clouds. I listened to the sound of the ship cutting through the water. It sounded very similar to sitting out by the ocean at night listening to the waves. It reminded me a lot of my dad. One of his greatest joys was sitting out by the beach on holidays, just listening to the waves. I lost my dad a year ago in February, and sitting there in that spot on the verhanda I felt real close to him again! (sniff!sniff! I have trouble typing that even now). I almost fell asleep out there but the chairs are not condusive to sleeping. They need a small foot rest to slide out from the bottom...then you would have room for 6 in those cabins!!!:p

    I did go back in and catch a few winks before the 7:15 call from room service telling us our coffee was on the way. We had brought our thermal coffee mugs, our own flavored coffee creamers (DH likes french vanilla, I like Hazelnut!) and Equal sweetner, but this is now available on board. I WAS able to sit on my verhanda, drinking my flavored coffee, just as I had day dreamed about the week before!:D The sea was almost like a sheet of glass, w/ no white caps at all. We did not hit any bad waves like we did two yrs ago!

    I didn't bring my single hole punch, only the 3 hole mini one. I went to guest services to ask about punching a hole in the vacant corner of my KTTW card and they said they would not do it! I ended up starting it with the 3 hole punch and finishing it off with a pocket knife (Shhhh...don't tell the mouse we brought one on board!) I attached the coil wrist key chain to the card and really found it handy! I had a purple and a lime green one (BEFORE I knew the DIS color!) and it always made the KTTW card easy to find and know where it was at all times.

    I had not looked at the days Navigator from the previous evening and to my shock the Ces't Magique was scheduled for tonight! I had planned to "miss" this show from all the unfavorable reviews and had scheduled my Palo's dinner for the night I thought it was to be from previous Navs I had (April 4th). I had seen a "Highlights of Your Cruise Abord the Disney Magic" from the 4/1 Navs also, but did not notice it for this cruise. I hole punched clean Navigator copies and put them in my notebook. About 8am we got the kids dressed and up to breakfast with us at Top Siders. We dressed in our swim suits as we had an 8:45am date with the Surial Bath ;) ;) !
    (this the first time of the day and not my initial choice but I was glad to do it first before sunburned skin made it uncomfortable!)

    We arrived about 8:50 and the spa CM took us to our respective changing rooms to put on a robe and place our clothes in a locker. Then we were led to the bath area. She explained about the 3 muds and the sea salts. Then the spa CM said she would knock w/ about 10min left and just "have fun"! The advise you shower before you put on the mud and that is where we realized the shower was stuck on HOT!:mad: We had fun with the mud application on each other ;) but DH pushed the steam button too early and it was half done by the time we got in there, so we pushed it again. It felt almost juvenile to be sitting there with mud all over us. I did notice my lilly white behind would "S-L-I-D-E" from one side of the steam bath seats (again, why are there 3??) to the other, which made me giggle. I kept my watch with me on the mud table so we could keep on time (a good idea from Barb). We went to the water spigots on the steam bath seats (one for body from the side and head from the top) but also found those hot also. There was also a wash basin type sink but it was only large enough for the face. We discovered a white hose that had a tepid water running from it. We used that to rinse ourselves off with, again another "together" activity. We did the shower gels and shampoos and rinsed off again in the steam bath, not the HOT shower. About that time the knock occured and we only had a short time to try the massage oils and start any real hanky-panky;) . After changing and signing the receipt we went back to our cabin to 'finish what we started! ;) ;) ;) (positively a triple winker!)

    We dressed and picked up the kids for an 11:30 lunch. Since they had not been pool dogs yet we decided to go to Lumiers for sit down lunch. I also decided to do this because there was a character autograph session. I had made up my own autograph book using clip art from the web site. The character picture was in the top left corner of the page. Fitz (?) was our waiter and was very charming. I had the baby shrimp salad (scrumptous!) and the steak sandwich with mushrooms. Mmmmm! DH had the bruschetta and the Grilled chicken breast w/ Tomato Salsa (which he liked ok). Ryan had the ribs (which were all finished!)and a HD. Jonathan had the mac and cheese and a HD. We ended up having 3 deserts for the table, the cheesecake, caramel custard and brownie sundae, all very good.

    I noticed thru the window of Lumiers that about 5 till 12 the autograph line had finally shortened. I got up w/ my autograph book and was next to last in line before autograph line was cut off. The characters (M/M. Donald, goofy, Chip&Dale) seem to be delighted to sign a picture of themselves. Dale (or was it Chip) pointed to me and clasped his hand and opened them slowly apart. I finally figured out he wanted my name so I gave it to him and he put my name on the autograph, too! Several of the assisting CM's told me the 'picture' autograph book was a unique idea!

    I went by guest services to ask why the shows had been switched from the previous week. He informed me it was on the Highlights sheet. "I never saw one" I said. He proceeded to show me the sheet for this week and, sure enough it was there. I also discovered why I didn't see it initally. It is on the BACK of the colorful Disney Cruise Line Ship Map they put in your cabin the first day. (DUH! :rolleyes: Just the place "I" would look!)
    It was too late to think about changing the Palo's ressie so I didn't try.

    I had promised the DS's some pool time so we dawned our swim wear and headed to the goofy pool. There happend to be a recently vacated lounge chair near the steps so I grabbed it. The chair to my left has a childs life vest on it only so I plunked my beach bag there also. After greasing down the DS's (BIG MISTAKE! I DID NOT T-SHIRT MY FAIR SKINNED Jonathan!) they jumped into the throng of kids and adults in the pool, well they actually didn't "jump", the life guard prevented that. They used the ladder. I was a little wary as the water had a brownish tinge to it! I noticed a trinket/junk stand near the whirlpools. They had the same Toy Story water toy I saw at the Disney Store for $10. Here it was $21! I nearly dropped it! I did find a cute pen, the kind where the ship slides from Cinderella's Castle to CC for $4. They also had bead necklaces and bracelets you could arrange yourself. They had a lot of character beads (about 1/2 inch diameter) and MM heads, gloves, shoes. The beads were 75 cents each. (WOW! Something on the ship that cost less than $1!!) I chose 4 Pooh character beads (I'm a Tigger fan!) 3 ship beads with M/M sailors, The DCL and CC logos, and 2 MM heads, red and black (GO DAWGS!). All this for about $7, a real bargin! DH and I shared one of the "strolling drink offers". My DS Ryan 'lost' his swim goggles in the pool. They were eventually found where some one had set them on another lounge chair. After 3 hours we left to go get ready for the Formal Dinner. I also didn't re-grease Jonathan (I had a 'bad mommy' afternoon) so his sholders were a very nice pink color. We did a lot of Aloe Gel after that. I promised the DS's if they would dress for the pictures they would not have to eat dinner w/ us and could go with the clubs for dinner. We also put DH in his tux. We were there before 5pm so we got into the first's of the lines for the picture in front of the Mickey statue, the ship backdrop, the 'railing' prop and the formal portraits background. We took the kids up to Topsiders (after a quick change) and went to Lumiers for dinner.

    We enjoyed the Master Chef's dinner tonight. Appetizers were the Tossed greens w/ Blue cheese, shrimp & lobster roll. DH had seared scallops. I had the Mahi-Mahi w/ coconut but didn't really like it. DH had the lamb. We also ordered the Grilled pork but wasn't thrilled with it either. We had our 'aniversary' cake for dessert. All the DIS folks I had pulled together for dinner got up and sang w/ the crew. (another !sniff! Disney friends moment for me) This made about 20 people wishing us a happy 10 years!

    Since I still didn't want to see Ces't Magique we watched "SPY KIDS" then took the time to stroll along Deck 10. We checked out shutters and bought the Day 1 collage pic. Went to treasure ketch and bought a cruise t-shirt. Checked out Mickey Mates.
    We went to the Joe Trippi band (yes, I believe the same one from the late 70's) and met up w/ Caroline's and Roberta's families and friends. After 30 min we headed to the Gala Desserts buffet and got a plate of goodies.

    We gathered a sleepy Jonathan and still awake Ryan from the clubs and went off to bed. We had a very pleasant Disney day!

    (Sorry these are SOOOO long, but it's as much of a journal for me as a post for you! And I have more time to work on it now that DH is in the Orient!)

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