My First IOA trip


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Jun 18, 2000
Ok, I have lived in FL for over a year and been to 2 Halloween Horror Nights and USF with family but never IOA. My fiance is a new BG employee and gets free IOA admission. So at about noon we head over to the Lakeland AAA office and get a one day ticket for $41. We are on our way..We stop to get some very high priced gas..$1.63 for reg :eek: ) and continue on. We arrive after a detour through WDW due to traffice about 2pm. Park closes at 7. Plent of time right..can we do on and find out.

I am amazed at the beauty of the place. We head staright for Hulk only to come up to no more Express passes and a 45 min wait..we decide to check it out later. On to Storm Force..ok..i guess..line still long for Hulk so off Dr Doom. Line posted at 45 mins also but we decide to take our chances. Line was about 15 at most. I loved this ride. Had a beautiful view of Orlando and was scared senseless!! A side note..the harness smelled. It was gross. We get off Dr Doom and head over to Spidey. 60min wait..we pass..and press onward. We arrive in Toon Lagoon and watch the poor souls get soaked. We pressed on to Jurassic Park. This was my favorite area..That music gets me everytime..We get in line for River Adventure and after another 10-15 min wait are seated in the very back of the boat. I loved this ride. I only wished there were more dinosaurs. After a escaping the T-Rex we decide to check out the Discovery Center. And who do we see looking down on the crowd...Hammond himself..and he had the mosquito cane too. Being to shy to say hello I timidly wave and we get some food. We finish up and contiue on to The Lost Continent. I see Dualing Dragons in the distance and the excitement is building. The line is posted 20 mins so after stowing our belongings we head to the castle. I loved this queue line. It was long and hot but great none the less. We choose our fate...Fire! We get in the line and our in a car withen a few mins. As we are ascending the lift I notice Ice is poised waiting for us. We climb to the top together and the ride is over before we know it. It was awsome. We decide to come back later and check out Ice..more on that later. We continue our circle and pass on Sinbad as we did not want to wait the half hour for the next show. We did see a taping for a show called Home Matters. We watched that a bit and headed to the giant building of Atlantis. Great show. Loved it. The water effects were awsome. The show finishes and we head to Seuss Landing. We watch the antics of Cat in the Hat and Grinch and take a short ride on the Caro-Seuss-el. Cute. We do a watch check and see it is approaching 5. We decide to go the circle again and check out Hulk(still long) and Spidey(even longer). We spend some time watching people get drenched on Popeye's Bilge Barge and then head back to Lost Cont. We again stow the gear and head this time to Ice. The wait was non exixstant and we get right on. I am excited as we climb the hill...then I notice we aren't stopping to wait for Fire!!?? We keep going right over the lift hill and through the ride. Someone messed up and we lost the chance to dual. Glad I didn;t wait for the front. Would have been ticked. Ice was better though and we got off happy that we did both. We decided to head to Hulk and wait in line. And what a line it was. We waited almost half an hor and got second car. I was thrilled. A great ride. Wish it was a bit faster though...We get off and it is 5 til 7. We sprint to Spidey and get in line for our last ride of the day. I had seen this ride numerous times on TV so I knew what to expect but this ride was just awsome. I loved it. It was soooo cool. With that ride done we followed the masses like cattle to the parking lot and headed to the Florida Mall before heading home to Lakeland. So there you have hit. My day. Following is some things I noticed.

-The harness on Dr. Doom smell funny.
-Storm Force Accel. seems to be a waste of space.
-There were no Express passes for anything. At least Disney seems to have them all day long. They seemed pointless though.
-My one gripe is pictures. Pictures are nice but do we need to stop at EVERYTHING to get a picture. At one point employees stopped the traffic for someone to take a picture.
-I was highly impressed with Seuss Landing. I normally do not like kiddie areas but that one was neat.
-The sky track in Seuss Landing would make a really neat ride.
-I did not like the theming in the Marvel area..too overdone
-I loved the theming in JP and Lost Continent. Incredible.

Well that about wraps it up. I am deciding on whether an annual pass is worth it or not. I am waiting until after I get my PAP from WDW and then decide. Thanks for reading and comments appreciated.

Thanks Dax for the great report!!
You certainly managed to get your money's worth, being there for just 1/2 a day! Sounds like you knew the lay of the land before you got there. Did you have a plan or were you winging it? I have 13 days til my trip. Can't wait!
Hey Dax,
Are you saying there were no Express Passes because it was late in the day and they had all been issued, or they only offer them for part of the day??
I had somewhat a game plan going into it. I knew what I wanted to see. I just got lucky that the lines were short. We had a good time.

As for the Express passes I think they just were gone. There were some for the River Adventure and some for Dualing Dragons but we didn't find them necessary for those they were pointless for us..but they also cater to those who stay onsite or have multi-day passes. I was alllowed only one while the others were allowed up to 3. Which is wrong in my book but c'est la vie!

Thanks for clearing that up. We're staying on sight, so that shouldn't be a problem
Mahalo for your report. You certainly had a busy afternoon! We got a AP last month...unsure if we will ever use it again, but it almost paid for itself with all the discounts it allowed during our 5 day visit. I think you would enjoy another visit especially if you allow yourself more time.


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