My DD had 2 magical moments

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    Feb 14, 2006
    We were at WDW from 12-14 to 12-22. The first day there we went to magic kingdom. On our way to ToonTown Fair we seen that there was no line for stitch's great escape so we got in line. There was 1 couple in line ahead of us that were adults. We were a party of 6 with one child. The CM asked my DD if she wanted to help with the capture of stitch. Of course she said yes. He gave her this toy that looks like a radar gun and chances your voice. Then annouced her name a few times as a helper and had everyone clap for her. She got a certificate.

    Later in the week we were at the Little Mermaid Musical. That day we were a party of 11 with a total of 4 kids. My DD being the oldest. They asked if she wanted to help. I forget what her part was that day..but she got another certificate and it was signed by Ariel and Prince Eric. The other kids didnt even seem to notice or care lol.

    Being that this was our first trip she was excited!! I knew what was going on from the boards. I told my mom what it was haha.

    Just had to share
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    Thats great .

    We were down from the 18th -22nd and saw many MM and Dreams but never recieved any. That was until we got to the airport we did a quick pin trade at the foodcourt of all places. The CM stated that they had some good pins on their lanyards down at the B side.We walked in and a little girl abour 3 or so walked over to DD13 and gave her one of the Tink Dream pins as she was given them from one of the CMs that was explaining what they were.She then tried to give me the other so I bent down and told her to keep that one as they are very special and only given to special people to help Tink spread her Pixie Dust her little eyes lit up and she said Mommy I'm helping Tink.

    DD was on cloud nine as we knew they wouldn't be up for trade and hard to find as I told her we would not be buying one on E-Bay as they were not ment to be sold.

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