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May 15, 2001
My kids know that we are going to disney. The first day we are just planning on swimming and then going to DD for dinner. Then I thought of taking them shopping what do you suggest we buy. I know that we need to get autograph books and fat pens and we want to get guest of honor badges. What else do you think? I heard of passports for Epcot can we buy these here? Any suggestions would help. Thanks!:D


How about some ears and a pressed penny book? (And make sure you pack couple rolls of quarters and pennies to make them!) I believe all those things can also be bought at your resort gift shop as well.

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Apr 30, 2001
I have been to Disney about a dozen times and I didn't know they made these... Where could I get one?


Jan 1, 2000
If you get an autograph book, try to get one with a plastic sleeve where you can insert a picture of the kids with the character right above the signature. These are really neat. Also, you can purchase the EPCOT passports at just about any of the World Showcase shops for about $10.

There are also some good shops at the Boardwalk that you can check out as well. If you have daughters, they might be interested in getting a special hair braid (consisting of beads and colored thread). My two daughters have gotten them everytime they've been to WDW and I know Boardwalk has a place that does the braids. They stay in the hair for about 4-8 week and typically cost $25 each. Pricey but they do look pretty cool.

Finally, you could get your kids into pin collecting. Be prepared though, you could spend a mint on trying to collect the numerous types of pins. In fact, there's a separate discussion board dealing with Disney collectibles, including pins.

Good Luck!

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Jul 4, 2001
You can get the pressed penny books at almost any gift shop - this is my kids favorite souvenir. You may also want to get them fanny packs big enough to carry their penny books and to carry pennies and quarters for the machines. It's a little bit of a hassle to carry the books around but we do it because the pennies don't get lost and it gives the kids something to look at when we're at restaurants or waiting for parades.


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Oct 21, 2000
Last year instead of autograph books, my kids bought white Disney hats, and had the characters autograph them. It was more unique and made for great interaction with the characters. They thought it was a great idea. And when the kids were wearing the hats it made for great conversation with everyone checking out who had signed them.