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    May 19, 2010
    Question for everyone.
    Last year my family stayed at POFQ and we loved it, but am looking for a resort to stay at in 2014, since POFQ is exempt from I think all discounts(it seems like). Dates haven't been set but thinking in late august.
    I see the new AOA resort and the kids think it would be great, but then I see resorts like Wilderness lodge or Beach club and think I would like to stay there. Or do we do riverside near our POFQ? I know many people do split stays. What are the ins and outs of doing a split stay and how do you work this with your luggage and with a dining plan? Is it a hassle and does it take a lot of extra time?

    Thanks in Advance!
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    you are looking to far in advance.

    Disney only gives out discounts a few months in advance.

    yes POFQ is generally on the list for the discount.

    kept in mind the 2013 rates were only (to my knowledge) on the websites in early August.

    this site gives the pass and current discounts - so you can judge - but beaware that Disney has say there will be less next year. so unless the economy takes a big dive woud except 2014 to have even less.

    now your other questions. Disney will move your luggage - so that is not a huge problem. the DDP can not be transfer - so you would have to buy an entire new plan (expensive) - or just have the DDP on the first or last park. You can do a DVC reservation thru a member - have your hotel cheaper and you can get DDP.

    to get the free dinning you must pay rack rate for your hotel and buy the tickets thru WDW - this is only when free dinning is offered.
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    I do agree that POFQ usually has rooms for discounts...they just book quickly. But, as to your question, it is actually pretty easy to move from one resort to the next. You just take your luggage to bell services (or call and have them come get it) and they will move it for you. You and family can go about your day and when it is time to check-in to your new resort, you just call bell services there and have them bring your luggage up. There is a bit of lag time, of course, so we just went to a park and headed to our new hotel around 3-4. Our luggage was waiting for us. As far as the dining plan, I would think if you do a split stay, you would have separate credits for each stay since they must be booked separately.
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    Some folks love split stays so they can experience different resorts in one vacation. Others think that the hassle of packing everything up, moving and then unpacking again in the middle of a trip is a PITA (you can put me firmly in this group). Transfer of luggage is the least of the concerns- it's so easily handled by bell services.

    The biggest sticking point comes when you have the dining plan. You are required to have a vacation package including tickets. The stay at the first hotel is no problem. You've got room, tickets and dining (free or paid) all lined up for the length of your stay at that resort. The problem (and expense) comes if you also want the dining plan at your second resort. This requires purchasing a second, separate vacation package including a minimum of a one day ticket (the most expensive part of any multiday ticket)- or two day ticket for free dining.

    Trying to figure out the most financially sensible way to do a split stay with dining is a real headache. It's always much easier(to me) if you can do the first part of your stay with dining and with tickets that will last for your full vacation. Then do the second resort with a room only discount and pay OOP for dining with the money you saved from the discount (and you already have the tickets from your first resort).

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