MS ever make point mistakes??


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Nov 29, 1999
Anyone ever encounter MS computers making a mistake on point balance? I can't figure out how they came up with the total they did. They are sending me the spread sheet on my points but I suspect it will be hard to understand. Just wondering...
I haven't seen them make a mistake, but everytime I do a transaction (ressie, bank, etc) I verbally confirm the amount of points in the current and any other affected years.

Some prefer e-mail to have a written record of the requests, but I don't have confidence in their timely response to e-mails, so I will keep calling and confirming point totals as I go.
Just checked my spreadsheet, and since 1993 I've made 38 separate reservations, and some banking or borrowing transactions each year. Disney's never made a mistake.

I had one discrepancy one time, and they sent me the computer printout. Turns out the mistake was mine. (I incorrectly credited banked points one year back twice (don't I wish...:D))

Getting the report on a periodic basis though is a good idea.
I have two home locations: VWL and HH.

I like to keep those points separate. I have only booked two trips so far and both times they mixed the points and I had to get a printout from them to straighten it out. Each time I specify which points to use and each time they confirm that is what they have done and when I get the printout I see it has been done incorrectly and have to call back.

I find this very frustrating. Our guide made us think that having the two homes wouldn't be confusing but so far I've learned every time to request a printout to double-check the point balances.

The DVC MS is usually pretty good at keeping track of point usage and they are often right when there is a discrepancy. The ONE time there was a problem was when they were using one of my accounts for training purposes and deposited an additional 200 points into the account. I was elated but then quickly saddened when they reclaimed them after a week. I have found discrepancies when wait lists have been fulfilled automatically and the points deducted for my account without my knowledge. I will then ask them to orally go over point activity in the account to discover the point allocation and then, to my surprise, find that a wait lst request has been granted. More importantly, I have found that there have been problems with what I thought I requested from MS as to borrowing or banking based on information obtained from MS on availability of a certain type of vacation home at a particular Resort only to find that my original request was not possible because (1) the reservation sequence was not possible after the points have been reallocated and the points had been either banked, borrowed or transferred between accounts or, (2) When questioned about the status of points in a particular use year, MS did not tell me that the points in that accoiunt had already been banked, borrowed or transferred and, therefore were not availavle for movement. I have tried many times to structure a complicated reservation using a few of my accounts only to find that the last transaction was not possible because the points which I intended to borrow could not be borrowed because they had already been moved forward or backward. This was after a cast member had told me that the transaction was possible. The computers will intervene and disallow a transaction that the cast member had thought possible.
I think it's not uncommon they make mistakes when more than one account is concerned. That's why I like email and am very specific as to what the points accounting is. All 3 times there has been a mistake with my accounts, it was MS and not my mistake.
I had a similar issue to Gary's. It involved 2 accounts (both ours) and banked/borrowed points and points that were about to expire AND it was for a concierge collection hotel. MS told us it was possible and that the reservation was made. We banked our 2001 OKW points at that time based on what MS told us. When we never received our confirmation, we called back and were told we couldn't do what we originally wanted. Of course we couldn't "unbank" the other points. They finally relented and gave us the reservation as we orignally requested since we made other irreversible transactions based on what the CM told us. MS made it VERY clear that they were making an exception and this would NEVER happen again. Disney came down a few notches that day in the eyes of DH, but I think he has since forgiven them! The trip, by the way, was fantastic.
I recently had a problem making ressies. The problem was with the computer that did not properly credit previously banked points. It took several days and an audit of my account to correct the problem. MS was very understanding and helpful. We agreed upon the number of points and reservation; however, MS had to manualy adjust the account. I advise all my friends who are DVC members to keep a close account of the point debit and credit. We must keep in mind points are money. MS works in reverse when computing the point allocation. I worked from the premise of knowing what was supposed to be in the account. It took a little while to get them to understand when you start with a flaw the answer will be flawed. The problem was resolved to my satisfaction. Keep track of your points and reservations!!
Owning 2 resorts is confusing.....mainly because in my calculations I keep the 2 resorts' points separate and MS groups them all together. Then when they give me point totals they just say how many points total are in that year...counting what has been banked from the previous year and what has been borrowed from the following...and don't account for ressies that I've made (I guess because the points aren't actually deducted until the trip?)

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