Monorail after park closing?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Melodious, Mar 3, 2012.

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    I swear I did look for the answer to this. THis is not a question about the recent closure of the resort monorail in the middle of the day during the month of March due to the GF construction. I have heard that the monorail is now closing one hour after the closure of the park. Does this include the resort monorail? For example, if MK closes at 7 and I want to get from the GF to the CR for dinner or drinks at 9PM, will I be able to get there on the resort monorail? Or are there other transportation options? I know you can walk from the GF to the Poly but the CR...?

    Basically, I heard when the change was being made but never heard how exactly it works now that the change is in place. Is the monorail closed also during hard ticket events an hour after the park closes? I'm sure if I were at Epcot during EMH, I would just be able to get a bus back to a MK resort.

    Sorry if this has been answered before
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    Yes this closing does effect both the Magic Kingdom Express Monorail. the Resort Monorail and the Epcot Monorail which will stop operating for the evening 1 hour after the Magic Kingdom and Epcot has closed. Now once that happens WDW provides Bus transportation. For example if you are coming back from Epcot I heard they have one Bus that goes to the Contemporary and Transportation & Ticket Center, along with another one that goes to the Polynesian and Grand Floridian.

    Now during hard ticket events others reported that the Magic Kingdom Express Monorail operated until 8:00 PM and the Resort Monorail was opearting until 12:30 AM which was half an hour after MNSSHP or MVMCP had finished.

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