Money saving tip for all you swearers out there =P


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Jul 29, 2000
If you're like me & you can't stub your toe on something without yelling any one of several 4 letter words, then you need to start a swear jar!! I try on a daily basis to keep my questionable language to a minimum since I have a 3 year old who marched into my office one day completely naked wearing only one cowboy boot & demanded "Where is my d*mn boot?"!!! I started a swear jar & everytime I caught myself or DH caught himself, we would put a quarter in the jar. Wouldn't you know it, we have $26 extra dollars with 8 days to go!! With me trying to get packed I will probably make at least another few dollars. :D That is my money saving tip! It works! If you are really really bad you could probably pay for a trip this way! LOL :)

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At the end of every day what ever change I have left I throw it into a cup on my dresserthen when it gets really heavy I'll count out the change and wrap it tkae it to the bank for bills and at the end of the week I'll go to the DS and change it into Disney Dollars that way I won't spend it.

This yr I ended up with almost $200 for my vacation in Disney money alone.

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