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Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by takinthekids, May 20, 2010.

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    We planned this years trip to coincide with MNSSHP but I have a few questions that I'm just not sure of. We are going to WDW September 18 to 26, family of 5 with DS 11, DS 7 and DD 5.

    Would it be too much to schedule the party for the day of arrival? Our plane is scheduled to arrive at 12:41 into MCO. I have dining reservations at O'hana's at 5:00 but would change that if necessary. My thoughts are that this way we don't have to use up a 1 day pass anywhere and we get a good start to the trip by covering a good part of MK. This is a Saturday, would it be a better idea to go on say Tuesday and do a water park during the day??

    What do people generally do for food - eat before going and grab some snacks?

    Also, what time can you use your ticket to get into the park? Is it best to be there as soon as possible to enjoy the most time?

    Any tips or tricks that you would recommend for a first timer, not knowing what to expect?

    Thanks for your help
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    We went last year, you guys will have a great time. I guess if you don't think you'll be jet lagged or tired from getting up early to get on the plane than it would be ok to do it the day you arrive. I personally wouldn't just because it is a late night. I think you can get into the MK at 4:00 PM the night of the party so if you do go that first night I would reschedule O'hanas. I have heard that it's busier on the weekends with locals, but you are going to be there in Sep. so it might not be bad at all any day. We went right before Halloween and it was pretty busy. We ate before going in, you don't want to waste your party time eating, the time flys and then you realize you really haven't done much. I guess one tip is to catch the 2nd parade not as busy as the first one. Be there before the parade starts to see the headless horseman, he rides by really fast at the very begining of the parade. I wouldn't plan on doing to many rides during the party, your kids will want to trick or treat, watch the fireworks and parade, and get pictures with the characters. There are many different characters out that you don't see any time else like Snow White with her 7 Dwarves. Those lines can get really long so I'd recommend you do that first if that's something you want to do. Mickey and Minnie are dressed up in their Halloween outfits so they are extra cute for picts too. Do the trick or treating toward the end so you aren't lugging 10 lbs. of candy all around the park for 6 hours, but definately get some candy before you sit down for the parade it's great to munch on while you wait. One last tip, do dress up in a costume but don't make it a warm costume, you'll be hot even in September.
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    Check out the link in my signature for other Disers experiences, photos and questions.
    It's an absolute blast and I can't wait to get back! As far as going your first night, as long as it hasn't been a long trip down to the World, you should be fine. It can be a long evening. I don't plan anything early for the next day.
    Have fun!
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    My only hesitation with scheduling something on the day of arrival is that weather and airline delays/snafus happen. If you miss most ADRs because your flight is delayed for half a day, oh well. You'll still eat somewhere. But you're paying good (extra) money for the MNSSHP tickets that you can't reschedule and I wouldn't risk it. I have had a late morning flight from OH to PA arrive at 2am the next morning. I've had the airlines change my flight times, making my arrival later than I had planned when I made the reservation.

    Also, when you arrive, you may have to deal with lost or delayed luggage, a grocery delivery, other deliveries (we ordered a crib that wasn't delivered until 6pm and we still had to assemble it). If you're gone for dinner and then go right to MNSSHP, then you'll have all of that to deal with when you get back, which could easily be after midnight.

    As for dinner before the party, we make an ADR for somewhere in/near the park before the party starts, so we can fully enjoy the party. Book soon, as they close early, too, and book up quickly.

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