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Jan 9, 2007
Confirmed date & time:
Monday, Dec 1
Keys Lounge (deck 3 forward)

  • You will NOT get a notice in your stateroom about this, so please make sure to take this info with you.
  • You will be charged $15/person, even if you do not show up (DCL policy).
  • Please double check the "confirmed" participants list below. We are at capacity! Thanks to everyone who promptly responded to my messages!

Hi Ho everyone! :wave2:

I will be putting together a mixology session on PCC5.0. Here is what I know so far:
** We need a minimum of 25 to maximum of 40 Guests/Adults per class/session.
** Each participant will be charged a fee of $15.00 (subject to change without notice) to your on-board account (whether you show-up or not)
** I will need names & stateroom numbers no later than September 30th
** We will not be assigned a date/time until we are within 30 days of the event- after Oct 30. (They usually request any sea day around 2:00 pm or 4:00 pm)

Mixology is a really fun time! I attended the class (organized by mdvlprof on 4.0!) and we had a blast! A bartender from one of the ship's bars led the class. Each table of 4-5 people has the set ups to make 4-5 cocktails. You are given the instructions and can make of one of each drink for yourself! You can make them as strong or light as you wish. Drink them all, some of them or none of them. It's all up to you.
Out of all of the drinks we made, there was a only one I did not like. The others were quite tasty! :drinking1

Please respond here if you are interested in participating.
Once I learn more from DCL about class size limits, timing and pricing, I will update this post.

OFFICIAL LIST of Participants (40 as of 10/3/14):
ConfirmedLinda & John (wdwscout) 6566
Confirmed Jennifer, Kayla, Eric, (Cedric) (mdvlprof) 6647
Confirmed Lisa (NitroStitch) 2513
Confirmed Lisa, Janice & Jim (batgirl67) 2092
Confirmed Beth & Chris (BethC) 7614
Confirmed Sue & Bill (DisneySuzy) 6078
Confirmed Andy & Bonnie (bonnieappetit) 6574
Confirmed Harry & Virginia (friends of bonnieappetit) 7696
Confirmed Lucy (brer-rabbit) 6319
Confirmed Lois & Greg (parrotheadlois) 7532
Confirmed Chris & Lana (jokeralum) 2068
Confirmed Chandra (bamagoofy) 2072
Confirmed Mary Jo & Lesley (Mary Jo) 6134
Confirmed Curtis & Jaclyn (MrBean) 7598
Confirmed Patti & Kevin (pkraynh) 6578
Confirmed Tyler & Mallory (WDW Crawl) 2013
Confirmed Linda (Lindaland) 7130
Confirmed Muggsie (itsmuggsie) 7514
Confirmed Michael (MerryMouseketeer) 7638
Confirmed Eileen & Justin (TickledPinkRabbit) 6144
Confirmed Evelyn & Mike (hockeymomNS) 7524
Confirmed Mike & Kat (irishdadx4) 2519

WAIT LIST (in case anyone above cancels)
Shanda & Alvin (sbenemerito) 7560
Tommy, DH, William & Pam (zulemara)
Mary & Lori (anonymousegirl) 2626


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Feb 7, 2010
Count us in.

Me, DD Kyla, maybe DS Erik [he's not 100% sure he'll make it.] I don't remember if they charged us for DS Cedric.

  • WebmasterMaryJo

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    Dec 15, 1998
    I'm sure my kids will want to do this: Mary Jo, Nick (sans Kelly - she can't make the cruise)
  • wdwscout

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    Jan 9, 2007
    Wow!! We are at 16 participants in less than 24 hours!
    You're right Jennifer- what does that say about us?!? :thumbsup2

    Just a few quick reminders-
    Everyone who attends must be 21 years of age or older!
    There will be a fee for this event, but I am waiting to hear back from Disney Cruise Line about how much that is and how/when it is paid.

    At some point, I will need everyone's stateroom numbers when the "official" sign up beings.

    Yay!! This will be a fun event! :cool1:
  • wdwscout

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    Jan 9, 2007
    Update in Post #1!!

    We almost have our minimum number of participants already! :cool1:


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    Jan 9, 2007
    Happy 4th of July everyone!!

    I know our cruise is still months away (but less than 5 months now!), but this Mixology class has already exceeded the minimum number needed to participate, AND we are only 7 people away from the maximum!

    If you are on the fence- now is the time to declare! :thumbsup2

    Post here on the thread if you would like to be a part of this fun event.
    We won't know which day, time and location we are given until about 1 month out.

    :drinking1 Hope to see you there!


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