Minute to Win It.. any particularly fun ones?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by gasman61, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. gasman61

    gasman61 Mouseketeer

    May 14, 2003
    Our post prom is going to have some Minute to Win It Games. For anyone not familiar with this, it is a great budget way to get many people involved at a party.

    Anyhow, I am wondering if anyone has ever used any of the games and found them to be particularly fun for a big group? We obviously would like to pick some that the kids (juniors and seniors in high school) would have the most fun playing/watching others do.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

  2. bjscheel

    bjscheel (Avatar art by my daughter)

    Jan 27, 2005
    We hosted MTWI at our family retreat camp last summer and planning to do it again. We had about 40 participants from ages 10 to 70+. We broke them into teams and gave them each a list of the challenges (I don't think anybody knew what any of them involved) and they assigned a team member to each challenge. I went to the website and picked games that would be cheap and not too messy. Sometimes we modified them to make them a little easier. We tried to keep it un-physically demanding since we were dealing with all ages. Since you will have all young people you can probably pick harder ones.

    Some we did: (and I don't remember all the official names)
    Back Flip- where you put pencils on the back of your hand and have to flip them up and catch them all- this one was requested to do again this year
    Play It by Ear- we put the pennies in identical yogurt cups (5, 10, 15, etc to 35 or 40 pennies per cup) and they had to line them up least to most by shaking and feeling the weight
    One with keeping balloons in the air for a minute- we did it with two balloons instead of three
    One where there was a strip of double sided tape at the end of a table and they had to roll marbles from the opposite end and get 5 to stick
    One where we had a ball of yarn hanging down from the back of their waist (I think the website said to use a yo-yo) then we had 10 empty pop cans on the floor and they had to knock them down- definitely the most fun to watch!
    Penny Hose- another fun one to watch- put a penny in the foot of each leg of a pair of pantyhose. They have to put one arm in each leg and retrieve the penny without helping the other arm and then get their arms back out again. We had five pair so 5 people could do at a time.

    Everybody thought it was fantastic and had a blast even when just watching and not playing.

    We have been watching for new ideas for this year- I think we will do the one Speed Eraser where you bounce the pencils into cups.
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  4. zoemurr

    zoemurr DIS Veteran

    Dec 30, 2006
    penny hose.. we were in tears. Junk in the trunk was very funny too. (where you tie an empty tissue box to your bottom and try to shake the ping-pong balls out)

    We did this for my DS's birthday and had 10 games I think.. they were younger but it probably doesn't matter. I have clips on youtube if you are interested. We're going to do it again this year.
  5. sritter78

    sritter78 Mouseketeer

    Dec 27, 2007
    I love the one where you put a cookie on the forehead and they have to try and get it into their mouth without using their hands.
  6. Disneymommy2006

    Disneymommy2006 "...keep moving forward..."

    Jan 23, 2008
    We did it at our school last year and the funniest was
    Junk in the trunk (already mentioned here) and I don't remember the name but you put a pedometer attached to a sweat band around your head...the winner had to get the most # of steps logged on the pedometer by only moving your head. I think it was called Bobble Head???
  7. nstem

    nstem Mouseketeer

    Jun 26, 2010
    We love the one where you have to roll a quarter and get it in between the fork prongs!
  8. singitalto

    singitalto <font color=FF66FF>Can't wait to stay at the Beach

    Aug 12, 2000
    I had to pick games for the Ladies retreat at church. They were all good. Off the top of my head we picked:
    Hankey pankey- empty a box of tissues
    A Bit dicey- stack 6 dice on a Popsicle stick in your mouth
    Separation Anxiety-sorting m&ms
    candy elevator
    we also did baby rattle- that was fun
    We did the cookie one and also the balloon one too
    Just look through the directions on the Minute to Win it web site and see what would meet your needs.
  9. McKelly

    McKelly DIS Veteran

    Jan 22, 2004
    I have done Kabroom at school, except one of the kids hit the table with the stick instead of the plate and cracked the banquet table - oops.

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