Minimum Add on at New Resort


DVC Member VWL 2001
Dec 9, 2000
Hi Everyone,

We are looking to add to our points total with an add on off 30 points. Question is can we add on this amount of points at a new resort, we currentley have a August use year at VWL but want to start accumlating small point add on's at different resorts. We have to be careful not to get to many points as living in the UK we generally would only visit for 14/15 days in any one year.

Thanking you in advance

Stevie Kay

CBR 98
OKW 01
VWL 01

I was told 25 point min. for members adding on.

The minimum is 25. Any number may be added (30, 31, 47, 89) as long as it's 25 or more.

Enjoy! :)
25 is the min for cash and 50 if you finance. Must do 100 to get the incentives.

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