Mickey Hurt at Fantasmic I was there


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Oct 13, 2000
I was at the Fantasmic show on Thursday when Mickey was hurt.

It was just seconds into the show when Mickey comes upstage, front and center and hops. He immediately went down after landing and did not get up.
They kept the spotlights on him for what seemed like eternity while he lay on the stage, writhing.

Stage hands finally came out, they blacked out the stage lights and turned on the house lights while about 20 people were on stage with flashlights around Mickey.
They then announced over the PA that the show was cancelled, no other explanation.

There were kids crying all around us. Some people thought it was part of the show. It was awful.

We were seated all the way to the right side of the stage and could see the ambulance pull up. They carried Mickey down the stairs on the side of the stage, head still on, and put him on a stretcher. He waved to the crowd as he was wheeled away to the ambulance. One of the people around him used a flashlight so that we could see him waving.

It was so surreal. I still can't believe it really happened.
I guess they gave one-day passes to all the people who complained. We have AP's so we just went to our bus. There were kids on the bus still crying.

Anyone know what happened to the actor?
Has anything like this ever happened before?
That is just terrible!!! :eek:

I cannot imagine what that must have been like.

The closest we have come is while watching Tarzan Rocks. Jane was flying around on those ropes and as she was coming down she hit the stage. You could tell that it really hurt her but she just kept going.
I imagine that he turned an ankle. And if he did in those big shoes, probably broke his leg. Having turned my ankle many times (including Fri night before we went to Epcot yesterday...it got better in time), a simple turned ankle is painful enough, it must be excruciating to break it or the bone above it.

I cringe.
:eek: :(
What a nightmare! That poor cast member and the poor kids who saw it! Does anybody know how the Mickey actor is?

Wow! That sounds awful. And, to me, the worst part is not knowing what happened. It must have created quite a panic, too. I do hope "Mickey" is ok.
I hope the actor is alright, But as they say the show must go on. Wouldn't you think there is more than one Mickey backstage? What about the guests who waited in line to see the show or even those guests who used the dinner package? Did Disney put on another show that night to compensate there guests?
I believe there are maybe 3 Mickey's in the show, but the show requires 3 (top of mountain, bottom of mountain, and on the boat). The Mickey at the bottom of the mountain, could be the same Mickey that drives the paddlewheel, but he'd have to book it to get back and forth (I think he's still on stage when the boat launches, so I think there are 3 Mickeys).
I think it would be unreasonable to expect ANYONE to have a standby available with no notice.
When we were there 4/8 the Belle and the Beast float didn't show, but they were on the paddlewheel after, so I guess the float was broke.

3 Mickey's? Come on! Everyone knows there is only 1 Mickey in the world! How can you be so silly?;) If there are 3 Mickey's perhaps he might be cloned magicly in order to reach out to so many guests. No matter how many Mickey's there are, there has to be only 1!

(Just following along the lines of the magic, so to speak.);)
Without going into too much detail that may ruin the magic for us...If they were able to reach the next stage blackout and then evacuate Mickey it would have been possible to continue the show (albeit with some elements missing). However since Safety comes before show it was the right decision by the stage manager to stop the show. It is impossible to "pause" fantasmic and you cannot "rewind" the show either the film projector would have to be allowed to run through the rest of the show keeping them from restarting it until 27 minutes later.
Not to mention that whatever caused Mickey to be injured, if he was, might have been a problem with the performance area itself. This would need to be inspected and any problems rectified before any performance could continue.

Not continuing the performance seems like a good decision.
Frankly, I am surprised that more characters don't collaspe with those hot costumes on. He probably had heat exhaustion or something.

However, I would think that they have stand-ins for times like this. Wonder why they did not that night?
The show can be restarted for some problems. Once Mickey just did not pop up when he was supposed to at the beginning. The music stopped there was an announcement and they started it agian in like 5 minutes.
Not only is there only *ONE* Mickey, but that one Mickey has a whole bunch of Disney magic. Not only can he turn on and off the "rotating ears" function, he can also drop his tail whenever he wants to.

Quite an amazing rodent!
I'd bet anything the show was cancelled for safety reasons, more than anything else.

We took the backstage tour on one of our trips and learned that the mountain gets very wet during the show. They pointed out specific safety measures that had been added for the cast members. I chagned my mind about wanting to be a part of that particular show!

I'm sure they didn't want to risk other cast members since one had been hurt already.


I can certanly understand why they stopped the show. Disneys top priority is for the safety of there employees as well as there guests. But can anyone answer did they restart the show?(after solving out what made Mickey fall) Did they say sorry try again tommorrow night? How did Disney resolve the problem?
I was there too (it was Friday night, not Thursday as someone mentioned) and they did not restart the show.

I was talking to a friend of mine who is in the show (but was not on that particular night) and the reason for not starting over had to do with the fact that the animation had already begun on the water screens - once that starts, it has to run its course and the audience would have to wait almost a half hour for the show to start over.

According to my friend, what should have been done was to stop the show as soon as Mickey fell - then the show could have started over with some minor "alterations"...this only taking maybe 10 minutes or so.

I felt so bad for poor Mickey - it *did* seem like an enternity before anyone came onstage to help! But I have heard that Mick is Ok :)

I also feel bad for all the CMs that had to deal with some very unhappy Guests, esp. those that had waited over an hour for the show. As soon as I heard that it was cancelled, I headed for the exit before the crowds made their way out - so I'd be curious to hear if Guest Relations got deluged with unhappy guests. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do in a situation like this, unless comp passes were given out - but I felt bad for kids who may have been going home the next day and wouldn't get to see Fantasmic


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