Michael's sales...


What happened to the tag fairy?
Feb 9, 2004
Has anyone else noticed that since Michael's got some some new products and reorganized their SB section, their sales have basically SUCKED? 25% off is all I've seen, where previously, they always had 40-50% off. And paper hasn't even been on sale for a good price (not that I need any paper:rolleyes1 but still...). Just venting I guess. Hobby Lobby just opened here in April and their selection and awesome sales combined with the changes at Mike's have completely won me over. Mike's has lost a very loyal customer:sad2:
Totally agree! Although I did buy some sports brads for an exchange since they were on sale and AC Moore didn't hvae them :)
The Michael's I usually go to has been very slow since a huge Joann's opened about 12 months ago. I was in Michael's Saturday afternoon and there was just a handful of shoppers. I also got my first look at the Martha Stewart line of crafts - some nice things but way too overpriced - as well as the enormous 18 x 18 album (with $1.99 paper!!! EEEKKK!).

Yes, I did notice that! Yet another reason most of my scrapping $ will be going to ACM. Unless it's a scrapping "emergency" I won't buy paper or stickers at the chain stores unless they're 40% off.


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