mib tips

Aim at far away targets, in the first part of the ride, I heard the targets are worth a lot of points, also, you can keep your finger on the trigger, it will automatially keep shooting.
When you get to the point where you have to shoot at the other car's fusion exhaust port, keep on shooting at it as much as possible. Follow your red dot. When you pass by the movie theater area, other people have a tendency to shoot at the aliens. There aren't too many aliens to shoot at in this area. Instead, turn and shoot at the other car's exahust port. Follow your red dot and move it towards the port. Unless other people know about it (which is rare), your red dot will be the only one there. If you do this, you can hit the exhaust port several times and rack up 30,000 points per hit.


Barry Hom
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AIm low intentionally! I found I was over the top of most of my targets...didn't figure it out until I was aiming at the exaust ports...Barry is right! Mine was the only dot there and I was high by 2 ft!



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