Merchandise Update?


Boardwalk DVC Member April 2000
Aug 22, 1999
:confused: Does anyone know when new DVC Shirts, Hats, etc. will be coming out? Went down in February and the Cast Member at BW said soon. Any update?

DVC Member 2000
Wonder Cruisin' February 2001
:jester: :bounce::p
hi: we'll be going home on may 1st; i'll post if bwv has anything different than they had in september.
Likewise, DW and I will going down 5/11-5/20 will keep eyes and ears open for new items.

Scott and peg
I think that Disney and DVC need to get together on DVC merchandise. We have boring items w/ no style, color, etc. Disney has such nice shirts etc, but the DVC stuff is boring, and seem to be a cheaper quality item.
What do you think?
they had new stuff at VWL in April, nothing new at BW. There was a white jacket and some tshirts and polos that had VWL. Nothing great. very disappointing

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