meal rotations

holstein cruisers

Earning My Ears
Jan 20, 2002
I do not understand meal rotations. Do you get to chose your repeat dining at dinner? Also, can you go to any restaurant for breakfast or lunch, and are there buffets also available, and what are these time frames for breakfast, lunch, and midday snack times?


DIS Veteran
May 19, 2001
Dinner onboard a cruise ship is a big deal. You are assigned to a specific restaurant and a specific seating time. Disney's twist on that is that there are three restaurants and you will see all three restaurants during the course of a cruise. But to maximize the use of their three restaurants, you will have one of three rotation orders. You will go to a specific restaurant one night, another specific restaurant the second night, and the third restaurant on the third night, and so forth.

But for breakfast and lunch, you can go anywhere you choose, anytime you choose.

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